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Feel the pulse of email marketing - monthly email news, stats & tips. Monthly Newsletter January, 2017 No images? Click here ( Hello, Happy New Year! May all your endeavours are met with huge success and appreciation! After a cautious start of the year, things sped up and we are back at full speed. As a last glimpse at 2016, we pulled some statistics about the projects we worked on in the past 12 months and we are happy to share these with you. brief history of email Today we take email as a given. We use it everyday to communicate with friends, colleagues and partners. We also use sophisticated software platforms to conduct our email marketing. But we rarely think about the origins of email and email communication. Let's see in brief how it all started and how email evolved during the past 4 decades. 1971 - Ray Tomlinson sends the first networked email, using an @ symbol to connect the user’s name and the machine at which the mailbox is located. The story has it that the message read “QWERTYUIOP”. 1977 - Modern email emerges and becomes a real mean for communication, as more and more networks get connected via the Department of Defense’s ARPANET in the 1970s. 1978 - The 14-year old Indian immigrant boy Shiva Ayyadurai, working at the University of Medicine and Dentistry New Jersey wrote over 50,000 lines of code to invent the world's first full-scale electronic emulation of the interoffice mail system consisting of: Inbox, Outbox and Folders, naming the program "email". In 1982 he received the first copyright for "Email" in US. 1985 - By the mid 1980s, email is commonplace among academics, government workers, and military personnel with access to the early internet. Colleges provide students with email accounts, which allow them to communicate with their professors and students from other universities. 1989 - The world first commercial Internet Service Provider starts up. Thousands of ISPs are set up in the 1990s. The World Wide Web doesn’t yet exist and email and discussion forums become very popular. 1991 - The space shuttle Atlantis carries a Macintosh Portable to the International Space Station. Astronauts send the first email from outer space. 1992 - A new internet standard is introduced the MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions). It allows non-text email attachments - audio, video, images, etc. In practice, attachments sometimes get garbled, but it’s still a huge improvement on alternatives like putting floppy disks into a FedEx envelope. 1993: IBM launched Simon Personal Communicator. The 20-ounce cellphone served as a phone, calculator, fax, pager and email device. 1996 - One of the first web-based email services, Hotmail, launches. Microsoft buys it for $400 million the next year. 1998: The romantic comedy You’ve Got Mail, starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, hit theatres. The website's still live ( . 1998 - The word spam - as in junk mail, not canned meat - is added to the Oxford English Dictionary. US government doesn’t regulate unsolicited email until 2004. 2003: The RIM 850 and 857 original BlackBerry smartphones were released, revolutionizing the mobile platform by concentrating on email. 2008: President Barack Obama became the first US president to use mobile email, admitting his addiction to his BlackBerry. Despite security concerns, he continued to use it in office. 2011: A study finds the worst email passwords are password and 123456. Others worthy of note: QWERTY, monkey and letmein. The password 123456 was also found to be the most common password during a 2012 email hack. 2011 - Apple announced it had sold over 100 million iPhones and the same year it was reported email was used by 75% of British iPhone owners, making it the most popular internet activity on the phone. 2012 - In the US 90 million Americans access email through a mobile device, with 64 percent doing so on near-daily basis. 2016 - Email and email marketing have gone a long way. In November, MailChimp set a new company record delivering 1.5 billion emails on Black Friday, which resulted in $90 million in sales on that day alone. What does the future holds for email? With the rapid development of digital technologies, it is really hard to predict the exact direction the email will head at. One thing is certain though, there are literally no limits to where technology can get us and the email is just one small, but vivid example of this. 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