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Costa Newsletter Email not displaying properly? Click here http://xxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx/x/0xXX00x0XxxX0xXxXXxx/xx for a fresh shot. Costa Coffee Club Costa card ending in: 6095* COSTA Dear Mark, Summer is sizzling away and your monthly shot of Costa has just landed in your inbox. We've got summer competitions, Spotify playlists and more, so sit back, take a sip of your favourite Costa treat and scroll down for all of the latest. Wedding http://xxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx/x/00X0XxxXXX00xX0xx0XxxxX Your points 100 *Correct as of 24/07/14 http://xxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx/x/00X0XXXXXxx0XXxXxxxxxxX Summer Snaps competition http://xxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx/x/00X00x0xXxxXXXxXxxXxXxX Summer Snaps competition http://xxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx/x/00X0xXxX0XXX0XXxxxxxXxX Hello afternoon treat http://xxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx/x/00X0xxXXxxXXx0XxxxXx00X We're thinking ahead http://xxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx/x/00X0XX0xxxxxx0X0XXxXx0X We're thinking ahead http://xxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx/x/00X0XxxxxXxxXx0XXXXXX0X Costa Foundation http://xxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx/x/00Xx0XXXxxX0XxxXXX0XXXX Costa Express Costa Express http://xxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx/x/00Xxx0xxXX0Xxxx00000xXx Costa Express http://xxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx/x/00XxXxXXXxxXxXXXxxxxxXx RFA beans Find us http://xxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx/x/00XxX0x0XxXXxXXXxxXxXXx Follow us Twitter http://xxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx/x/00XxXxxxXXXxXX0xxxxx0Xx Facebook http://xxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx/x/00Xxx0XXXx0xXXxxxXXxxxx Instagram http://xxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx/x/00XxxXxX0xxxx0x0xXxxxxx http://xxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx/x/00Xxx0Xx0XX0x0xXXXXXXxx To unsubscribe click here http://xxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx/x/0X00XxXxX0XXxx (but then how will you find out about your account balance, new treats, prizes and freebies?) Costa Coffee Club Card Terms and Conditions The Costa Coffee Club is only available at participating stores. For Costa Coffee Club card Terms and Conditions of Use, visit http://xxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx/x/00XxXXXXx0XXxxXxXXxX0xx. † Promotion open to registered Coffee Club members (aged 18 or over and UK residents only). Promotion open 24/07/2014 to 31/07/2014. View our video and answer the question correctly to enter. One winner drawn at random will win 20,000 Costa Coffee Club points. Other terms and conditions apply, see http://xxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx/x/00XxXxxXxx0XXxXxX0XXxxx for full details. Contact us This email is sent from an automated mailing server. We cannot respond to replies sent to this email address. If you need assistance with your Costa Coffee Club card, you can contact Costa Customer Services by telephone on 0870 423 9975 between the hours of 8:30 am and 5:30 pm on Monday to Friday, or by email at For all other enquiries, contact us http://xxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx/x/00Xx0XXxxXxXXxX0XxxXxx0.

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