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iOS Dev Weekly Issue 140 - 4th April 2014 Read this Issue on the web ### Comment The WWDC ticket process sprang to life yesterday and instead of the [usual method of securing a ticket](https://xxxxxxxxxx.xx/xXxXXXX), this year is going to be a lottery. WWDC is going to be the 2nd - 6th June and you have until 10am PDT on Monday, April 7th to [register for your chance to buy a ticket](https://xxxxxxxxxx.xx/xxXxxx0). Even better, there will be no agonising wait to see if you have been chosen as the results will be announced later that same day. Much more sensible than in previous years! I wish you all good luck in getting one and hope to see you there. ### News System-Wide Custom Fonts on iOS https://xxxxxxxxxx.xx/0xXx0xx Clever use of the enterprise profiles feature of iOS to allow any compatible font to be installed onto your iOS devices. This is a good reason to start enumerating fonts in your apps instead of offering a predefined list. iWork picks up these fonts already so Keynote will finally have compatibility with the presentations I write! Apps vs Mobile Web Usage https://xxxxxxxxxx.xx/XXx0X0x I always assumed that as a developer I was biased in my usage of apps vs mobile web but these graphs from Flurry show they still hold an overwhelming lead over web usage on phones. I would really like to see these statistics split out over iOS and Android separately, I have a feeling the numbers would swing even further if this was iOS only. Also, we spend an *average* of 2 hours 42 minutes a day on our devices, wow. ### Sponsored Link User Acquisition at 10 Cents CPI https://xxxxxxxxxx.xx/XXXXXxx Tapstream is cooking up something special for those of you spending money to advertise your app or game. Join us for our pilot program to acquire highly engaged users at 10 cents per install and unleash the power of your own userbase. ### Tools How I Evaluate Third-Party Dependencies https://xxxxxxxxxx.xx/XXXx0xX "With as few third-party dependencies as possible." is the short answer from Justin Williams and I couldn't agree more. I have skirted around this issue a few times on iOS Dev Weekly and Justin manages to sum up my feelings on it in one sentence. The only place I would disagree with this is on his first point about how much code there is in the dependency. I don't reject dependencies for only having a single class or category, in fact I prefer those as they are not going to have far reaching implications unlike larger dependencies. Great article. Dynamic Linking on IOS https://xxxxxxxxxx.xx/Xx0xXX0 Damien DeVille with an investigation into dynamic libraries on iOS. Dynamic linking has always been disallowed on iOS but it's a policy decision rather than a technical restriction. Damien gives a good walk through of the details and then attempts to get one running on device. Does he succeed? I'll leave that for the article... Selectively ignoring Objective-C exceptions https://xxxxxxxxxx.xx/xXxXXx0 I missed this post when it was published but this is a great tip from Jack Chen to selectively ignore specific exception types on an exception breakpoint. ### Code BRFlabbyTable https://xxxxxxxxxx.xx/0xXxxxX No, not fla**pp**y, fla**bb**y. This is an unusual (but interesting) visual effect from Julien Ducret. Check out the [two](https://xxxxxxxxxx.xx/xXXXxXx) [videos](https://xxxxxxxxxx.xx/xxXxXxx) to get a sense of the effect. I can't see this kind of effect being widely useful but it's worth checking out. The implementation is surprisingly simple too. YLGIFImage https://xxxxxxxxxx.xx/xXXXXXx With iWork on iOS getting animated GIF support this week, you don't want to fall behind with implementing this year's hot feature. Li Yong has you covered though with these UIImage and UIImageView subclasses that will animate all the things. ### Design Whatever’s Best For The People, That’s What We Do https://xxxxxxxxxx.xx/XXxX0XX Julie Zhuo on the recent changes to the Facebook news feed. This story isn't specific to iOS but it highlights something that we are all guilty of from time to time. As developers, we like to have the best equipment and tools available, and that becomes our default testing hardware. The rest of the world isn't like us (in so many ways 😄) and this story should serve as a nice reminder that we should pull out that iPhone 4 for a few days every now and again. ### Business and Marketing A Statistical Analysis of the Apple App Store https://xxxxxxxxxx.xx/0xxXxxx Colin Eberhardt with more charts and graphs about the App Store than you could ever need. One statistic stuck out for me in the opening paragraph of this article, 60% of apps have **no** reviews. There has been a lot of talk about how important reviews are recently, and even more talk about the right way to ask for them. However if that statistic doesn't show that there is a problem with a lack of reviews, I don't know what does. ### OS X Development QuickTime Banned From Mac App Store https://xxxxxxxxxx.xx/X0xxX0X Michael Tsai sums up the details of Drew McCormack's recent rejection for using QTKit in an app. It seems really soon to start rejecting apps that use an API that was deprecated less than 6 months ago and this causes big problems for anyone wanting to continue to support 10.8 as well as 10.9. ### Videos Practical Asynchronous Programming https://xxxxxxxxxx.xx/xxxxX0X Chris Eidhof with a collection of tips and tricks on asynchronous programming from Cocoaheads Kiev recently. [Part two of the talk is also online here](https://xxxxxxxxxx.xx/xx00xxX). ### Jobs iOS Developer @ in Amsterdam (visa + relocation included) https://xxxxxxxxxx.xx/xX0X0XX The iOS apps have been downloaded over 20 million times all over the world - we are looking for highly skilled developers to join our mobile team in the vivid city of Amsterdam. Join our international team and help us to make the best travel app in the world. Senior iOS Developer - Engineer Apps You'll Love https://xxxxxxxxxx.xx/x0x0XXX Do more than code. Raizlabs is seeking experienced mobile developers to engineer beautiful apps and influence product direction for well-known Fortune 500 companies and exciting new startups. You'll be working with enthusiastic and supportive peers in a trust-based work environment. In fact, you'll be helping to keep it that way. Join us and contribute to the "next big thing" for years to come. ### And finally... Implementing Plausible Crash Recovery https://xxxxxxxxxx.xx/XXXxx0x Rarely has an April Fools' day joke had such technical merit. If you are interested in sponsoring a link in a future issue of iOS Dev Weekly, please see https://xxxxxxxxxx.xx/xxxxxxxxxxx. You are receiving this because you subscribed at https://xxxxxxxxxx.xx/xxxx Edit your subscription: Unsubscribe from iOS Dev Weekly Forward to a friend iOS Dev Weekly is compiled and curated by Dave Verwer https://xxxxxxxxxx.xx/xxxxxxxxxx Mailing address is Shiny Development Ltd. Daresbury Innovation Centre Keckwick Lane Daresbury, Cheshire WA4 4FS United Kingdom

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