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---------------------------------------------------------------------------- To view this message in HTML format, click here:,1dd8e5a,1dd8e76&p1=pWGhYKS8YTebbJrx6xgzgQ%3D%3D or paste this link in a Web browser ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ================================ CHEF AND BREWER PUB CO Jovial Sailor Portsmouth Road, Ripley, Woking, Surrey, GU23 6EZ, 01483224360 ================================ Book a table,1dd8e5a,1dd8e77 Home,1dd8e5a,1dd8e78 Food,1dd8e5a,1dd8e79 Drink,1dd8e5a,1dd8e7a News,1dd8e5a,1dd8e7b Events,1dd8e5a,1dd8e7c Offers,1dd8e5a,1dd8e7d About,1dd8e5a,1dd8e7e ================================ HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We'd love to celebrate your birthday with you, so why not bring your friends and family over for dinner and enjoy this little treat from us. Book a table,1dd8e5a,1dd8e7f ================================ Print this email to redeem 20% off your total food Barcode number: 0900600000014 More information click:,1dd8e5a,1dd8e80& Terms & Conditions: Valid until: 29-08-13 Access your barcode here:,1dd8e5a,1dd8e81&p1=0900600000014 ================================ Terms and conditions,1dd8e5a,1dd8e82 ================================ <!--You are receiving this message because you have been in contact with Chef & Brewer or an affiliate. To no longer receive messages from Chef & Brewer --> Unsubscribe:,1dd8e5a,1dd8e84&p1=s3MUN%2BzVf%2FwWkAXGee1K4do34E4dm0gXoBJCVCACAA%3D%3D&p2=ltE9OdAmXhg%3D&p3=D04w4BRvD74%3D

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