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…How to eat well without punishing your taste buds! Online Version: Download images to see this email in all it's glory... : Hello Mark , we're emailing because you signed up to our emails on our website. You can always unsubscribe here: . 3 Pots for £10: Home : | Main Meals: | Puddings: | Special Diets: | About Us: NEW Pots under 400 Calories - get 3 for £10 in January: Eat, Love, Sleep Well in 2018 : The sun has risen on a new year. When it comes to resolutions, we’re thinking big: 2018 is the year to eat, love and sleep well: . It might sound ambitious, but it’s not about making giant changes or implementing strict regimes. Rather it’s using common sense, taking better care of ourselves, and putting time aside for the things in life that really matter. We hope you’ll join us… : Don’t punish your taste buds if you overdid it a bit at Christmas. Every dish in our Pots for One: range is packed with flavours inspired by classics from world cuisine, but they still clock in at under a third of your recommended intake of calories, fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt. 3 Pots for £10 : Wholefood Bowl : Wholefood Bowl: Vegetarian & Dairy Free Pork Ragu : Pork Ragu with Wholewheat Spaghetti: Dairy Free Vegetable Ramen : Japanese Vegetable Ramen: Vegetarian & Dairy Free SHOP 3 FOR £10: Menus Made Easy : Eating well shouldn’t be difficult, but a dietary requirement can sometimes throw a spanner in the works. Luckily our menu includes a fantastic range of tasty options whatever your diet: demands. If you fancy eating outside of your habits in 2018 (or you just can’t be faffed to go through the whole menu), try one of our meal boxes: . They’ve been specially selected, whatever your diet, so why not give them a whirl... your new favourite meal is out there waiting! CALORIE CONSCIOUS: VEGGIE: GLUTEN FREE: HIGH PROTEIN: DAIRY FREE: LOW SUGAR: Super Smoothies : Apple juice, unsweetened almond milk, yoghurt, rum (well, maybe not)… however you make them, these smoothies: are delicious. Grab a pouch straight from the freezer, blitz it up, and you’ll be well on your way to your five-a-day. SHOP SMOOTHIES: : Good Christmas? : If you had a Christmas lunch from COOK, let us know how it was and you could win £30 worth of COOK gift vouchers: . We love feedback! TELL US HOW IT WENT: Brain Nibbles Eat Well : : If you’re taking part in Veganuary: , or you just fancy adding a few vegan options to your culinary repertoire this year, here’s a wealth of tasty recipes: from around the world. : Love Well : Although empathy is stronger in some than others, you can work on it. And we all should. Here are five ways to do it: , according to a British social philosopher. : Sleep Well : Bedtime routines are not just for toddlers - they are the key to waking up feeling really refreshed. Here’s a great practical guide: to creating a version that works for you. : JUST IN CASE YOU WANTED TO SHARE THIS DELIGHTFUL EMAIL WITH YOUR FRIENDS, HERE ARE SOME HANDY SOCIAL BUTTONS: facebook Facebook twitter Twitter We got in touch because you signed up to our emails on our website, but you can always unsubscribe here: , or change your details or preferences here: . Got any feedback? Email We'd love to hear from you : : : : Remarkable food for your freezer, made just like you would at home : We're proud to be a certified B Corp : This email was sent via the airwaves from The COOK Kitchen, Sittingbourne, Kent ME10 3HH Registered in England No. 4611064. VAT Registration No. 803 1373 68

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