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</HTML> Of course DQ(R) remembered your birthday! Trouble viewing this email? Click Grab a spoon, take a swing and check out your winnings: a coupon to get $3 off an 8-10" Blizzard Cake!* Slice off a piece of fudge crunch, soft serve and your favorite cookies or candy. But wait - I spy a BOGO coupon: buy a medium Blizzard Treat and get one of equal or smaller size for free!* Man, you are cleaning up. Speaking of which, I should clean up. Where's the broom? And many more, The Blizz Prez Get Your Cake Coupon ( ) Get Your BOGO Coupon ( ) Update Your Profile ( ) Unsubscribe ( ) BLIZZARD, DQ and ellipse-shaped logo are trademarks of Am.D.Q. Corp., Mpls, MN (c) 2013. American Dairy Queen Corporation, 7505 Metro Blvd., Minneapolis, MN 55439-0286 (952) 830-0200 This email was sent because you joined the Blizzard Fan Club in one of our restaurants, online or at one of our events. You can take your name out of the Blizzard Fan Club at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link on this email and you will be removed from our list immediately. </HTML>

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