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[]Alexa's always getting smarter. Here's what's new this week, including skills and much more to try. [Amazon Echo] Introducing Petlexa [Video still of a hamster on a wheel.]<> The Petlexa feature allows dogs, cats, and other animals to communicate with Alexa just like you do. Petlexa gives pets the freedom to ask for food, place orders from Amazon, and activate smart home enabled toys. [Video still of a dog panting.]<> If your pets are shy to warm up to their new AI friend, try suggesting music by The Animals or an audiobook like Marley and Me on Audible. So, go on—get the whole house talking with pet voice commands. To learn more, just ask: [Alexa, what is Petlexa?] Fancy feasts All animals love meal time—but which pets gobble up the most food? Here's the breakdown of pet food ordered by Alexa users in 2017: [Top pet food ordered via Alexa. 71% dog food, 26% cat food, .04% hamster food.] [Funny dog with bulging eye.] Non–human humor They say laughter is a universal language. Have a good chuckle with your pet—just ask: [Alexa, tell me a dog joke.] [Alexa, tell me an animal joke.] Want to discover what else Alexa can do? Check out our Alexa guide<> for even more examples of things to try. Missed any of our previous updates for Echo? You can always ask "Alexa, what new things can you do?", read what's new<>, and follow us on Twitter at @AmazonEcho<>. Know somebody else that wants to receive the weekly Echo email? Forward this to your friends or family and ask them to visit our Echo Newsletter subscription page<> to subscribe. © 2017<>, Inc. or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Amazon, the Amazon logo, Amazon Echo, Alexa, and Prime are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. We hope you found this message to be useful. However, if you'd rather not receive future emails of this sort from<>, please opt-out here<>.<>, 410 Terry Avenue N., Seattle, WA 98109-5210. Reference: 232759970 Please note that this message was sent to the following email address: []

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