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Join us for a series of live in-depth product training sessions, and learn more about how to successfully engage, publish, report, and collaborate as a team within Sprout. Special Invitation: Advanced Training Series <https://xxxxxxx.---xxxxxxxxx.---/000x0/xxxxxxx/0000000000000000000?xxx_xxxxxxx=0> We'll also cover some of the latest Sprout product updates, including our new user permissions and profile management features. Training Series Includes: • Streamline and Analyze Your Engagement Efforts Register Now » <https://xxxxxxx.---xxxxxxxxx.---/000x0/xxxxxxx/0000000000000000000?xxx_xxxxxxx=0> • Publish Content & Understand Performance Register Now » <https://xxxxxxx.---xxxxxxxxx.---/000x0/xxxxxxx/0000000000000000000?xxx_xxxxxxx=0> • Collaborate with Your Team & Measure Activity Register Now » <https://xxxxxxx.---xxxxxxxxx.---/000x0/xxxxxxx/0000000000000000000?xxx_xxxxxxx=0> • Use Analytics to Understand the Impact of Your Social Efforts Register Now » <https://xxxxxxx.---xxxxxxxxx.---/000x0/xxxxxxx/0000000000000000000?xxx_xxxxxxx=0> Team Sprout strives to bring you educational content and best practices for making the most of Sprout. We hope you find our webinars helpful and look forward to seeing you in an upcoming session! Terra Ickes Customer Education Manager <http://xxxxxxxxxxxx.---/?xxx_xxxxxx=Xxxxxx+Xxxxxx&xxx_xxxxxx=Xxxxx&xxx_xxxxxxxx=Xxxxxxxx&xxx_xxxxxxx=Xxxxxxxx+Xxxxxxxx+0> 1.866.878.3231 <xxxxxx:xxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxx.---> Stay connected for tips, updates & resources: Twitter <https://xxxxxxx.---/XxxxxxXxxxxx" target="_blank"> Facebook <https://xxx.---xxxxx.---/XxxxxxXxxxxxXxx" target="_blank"> Google+ <https://xxxx.---xxx.---/+xxxxxxxxxxxx" target="_blank"> Sprout Social, Inc., 131 S. Dearborn St., Chicago, IL 60603 Unsubscribe <> This email was sent to by Sprout Social, Inc., 30 N. Racine Ave., Chicago, IL 60607. If you no longer wish to receive these emails you may unsubscribe here: http://xx.---xxxxxxxxx.---/XxxxxxxxxxxXxxx.---x?xxx_xxxxxxxxxxx=0&xxx_xxx=0XxXXXXXxX0xxXxxxx%0XXXXXxxxXxxxX00%0XXxXXX0xXX%0X0XX0xXxxXXxXxX0XXxxxX%0XXXXxXXXXxx0XxXXXXXXxxx0xxXXxX%0X.

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