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Plus Free Standard Shipping Worldwide. View this email in your browser ([XXXXXX] SHOP ([XXXXXX]) MODEL ([XXXXXX]) MAKE ([XXXXXX]) ** Holiday Voodoo Dolls Have Arrived! ------------------------------------------------------------[XXXXXX] ** Spread a little schadenfreude with a genuine Holiday Voodoo Doll, free with orders of $50 or more — while supplies last. You'll also get free standard shipping! Plus, check out all our new crowdfundable Bike to Work prototypes and Think Tank designs. ------------------------------------------------------------ The holidays are all about sharing. When it comes to your worst enemies, they're about sharing pain and misfortune. And there's no better way to do so than with Holiday Voodoo Dolls — our wee fabric Frankensteins made from leftover material and endowed with ancient malevolent powers! At last, you can treat yourself to a wonderfully hideous Christmas tree ornament AND give foes the gift of unrelenting torment. Best of all, Holiday Voodoo Dolls are free with orders of $50 or more.[XXXXXX] Per voodoo guidelines, these dolls were thoroughly bathed in a diabolical potion of crow bile, black-cat saliva, and freshly squeezed juju juice. In addition, they were subjected to a full day of nefarious incantations from San Francisco's most infamous witch doctor![XXXXXX] When it comes to the discreet application of intense Yuletide discomfort, these little holiday horrors are simply unrivaled.[XXXXXX] Remember, Holiday Voodoo Dolls are available only while supplies last![XXXXXX] IMPORTANT DETAILS: --To get your free Voodoo Doll, just order at least $50 of stuff, and one of the little monsters will magically appear in your shipment. --Items in crowdfunding do not count toward the $50 total. --One doll per order. Which one you get is up to Satan — err, Santa.[XXXXXX] ** New In Crowdfunding: Plaid Bike To Work Shirts ------------------------------------------------------------ Designer Steven B. Wheeler has created a pair of handsome plaid shirts with our famous Bike to Work ([XXXXXX]) reflectivity. Whether these prototypes become actual products is up to you! Help crowdfund Steven's Long-Sleeve Button-Down ([XXXXXX]) and Short-Sleeve Button-Up ([XXXXXX]) today and save up to 30%.[XXXXXX][XXXXXX] ** New Think Tank Ideas: Bike To Work Shirt/Dress & Infinity Scarf ------------------------------------------------------------ Tony Wloch's Shirt/Dress ([XXXXXX]) and Susan Chen's Infinity Scarf ([XXXXXX]) are now up for voting! Visit the Think Tank ([XXXXXX]) to learn more about each of these Bike to Work concepts, leave feedback for the designers, and help us decide if we should turn 'em into prototypes.[XXXXXX][XXXXXX] ** Santa Sleigher Photo Contest — Vote Now! ------------------------------------------------------------ Time to decide which Model Citizen will win this extraordinary holiday ensemble: Santa Sleigher Reversible Smoking Jacket ([XXXXXX]) , ([XXXXXX]) Nauseating Holiday Pants ([XXXXXX]) , and Red Disco Santa Hat ([XXXXXX]) . Cast a vote simply by visiting our Facebook Contest Album ([XXXXXX]) and liking your favorite photo. There will be TWO winners: the most-liked photo and the Betabrand office fave. Winners will be announced Dec. 13.[XXXXXX] ** Photos, Videos & Other Internet Curiosities: ------------------------------------------------------------[XXXXXX][XXXXXX][XXXXXX][XXXXXX][XXXXXX][XXXXXX] ============================================================ ** unsubscribe from this list ( ** update subscription preferences (

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