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View As Webpage: http://xxxxx.---xxxxxxxxxxx.---/?xx=xxx0x0x00xxx0xx00x00000x0xxx000x0x0000xx00x0x00xx0xxx0000x000xxxx000x000xx00xxx0 To view this email, please click or copy and paste the link above into your browser. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Make sure you don't miss out on any Pizza Hut(R) specials. Just add '' to your address book. http://xxxxx.---xxxxxxxxxxx.---/?xx=xxx0x0x00xxx0xx0xx000xxx0xx0000x0xx00x0x000x0x00000x0000x000x0x0x0x0xx0x00xxx000 ------------------------------------------------------------------ (C) 2015 Pizza Hut, Inc. 7100 Corporate Drive, Plano, TX, 75024, USA The Pizza Hut name, logos and related marks are trademarks of Pizza Hut, Inc. >> Update My Profile http://xxxxx.---xxxxxxxxxxx.---/?xx=x000x0x0xxxx00x0xxx0xxx0xx0000x0xx0x0xxxxx00000000x00x000xx00000x0x0x0x000x00x00 >> Unsubscribe http://xxxxx.---xxxxxxxxxxx.---/?xx=x000x0x0xxxx00x00x000x000xxx000000xxx0x0000000x00x0x000000x0xx000x0xx000x000000x >> Privacy Policy http://xxxxx.---xxxxxxxxxxx.---/?xx=x000x0x0xxxx00x00x0x0000x0000000x0x00x0x00000000000xx000x0000xx000x0xxx000xxxxx0

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