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display block Spring is nearly here, the long gloomy days are nearly behind us and what better way to celebrate than reading some fantastic email posts from our email egg-heads. This week's newsletter features fantastic advice from Tony and Josh on email testing and writing email links, along with Mike's recent talk at Figaro Digital, and a fantastic round-up of the email landscape as it is by our friends over at Litmus. ----------------------------- If not now, when? Tony kicks off his new blog series about what to test and why with this brilliant piece about sending times. Taking into account all things timings including how you can test it. Read post http://xxxxxx.---xxxxxxxxx.---/xxxxx/X-0000000@0000000@XXXXxxXXXXxXXXxx0_XXxXxX0X0X_XXXXX-X0xxXxxx.@ ----------------------------- Writing link text in emails In his latest blog, our creative guru Josh breaks down why how to properly write link text in email, a seemingly simple task that a lot of people get wrong. Read post http://xxxxxx.---xxxxxxxxx.---/xxxxx/X-0000000@0000000@XXXXxxXXXXxXXXxx0_XXxXxX0X0X_XXXXX-X0xxXxxx.@ ----------------------------- Responsive Email is Not Nice Last month Mike spoke at the latest Figaro Digital event about the key issues of responsive email, how you can create a better user experience and generate the engagement you need. Watch presentation http://xxxxxx.---xxxxxxxxx.---/xxxxx/X-0000000@0000000@XXXXxxXXXXxXXXxx0_XXxXxX0X0X_XXXXX-X0xxXxxx.@ ----------------------------- 2015 State of Email Our good friends over at Litmus have created a fantastic report about the ever-changing landscape of email marketing and the challenges we face in 2015, including tips on how to overcome these challenges. Read report http://xxxxxx.---xxxxxxxxx.---/xxxxx/X-0000000@0000000@XXXXxxXXXXxXXXxx0_XXxXxX0X0X_XXXXX-X0xxXxxx.@ ----------------------------- Follow us on Twitter http://xxxxxx.---xxxxxxxxx.---/xxxxx/X-0000000@0000000@XXXXxxXXXXxXXXxx0_XXxXxX0X0X_XXXXX-X0xxXxxx.@ Contact us http://xxxxxx.---xxxxxxxxx.---/xxxxx/X-0000000@0000000@XXXXxxXXXXxXXXxx0_XXxXxX0X0X_XXXXX-X0xxXxxx.@ View site http://xxxxxx.---xxxxxxxxx.---/xxxxx/X-0000000@0000000@XXXXxxXXXXxXXXxx0_XXxXxX0X0X_XXXXX-X0xxXxxx.@ ----------------------------- View in browser http://xxxxxx.---xxxxxxxxx.---/xxxxxxx/X-0000000@XXXXxxXXXXxXXXxx0_XXxXxX0X0X_XXXXX-X0xxXxxx.@00 Follow us on Twitter @displayblock http://xxxxxx.---xxxxxxxxx.---/xxxxx/X-0000000@0000000@XXXXxxXXXXxXXXxx0_XXxXxX0X0X_XXXXX-X0xxXxxx.@ You're getting this email because you signed up for it on our website. We respect your privacy and hate spam as much as you do, so if you'd rather not hear from us please unsubscribe. http://xxxxxx.---xxxxxxxxx.---/xxxxxxx/X-0000000@XXXXxxXXXXxXXXxx0_XXxXxX0X0X_XXXXX-X0xxXxxx.@0 © 2015 display block Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

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