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No images? View online ==================================================================================== End of Summer Sale Save 20% on select coffee & tea. And up to 40% on select drinkware while supplies last. SHOP NOW ==================================================================================== STARBUCKS STORE COFFEE TEA DRINKWARE EQUIPMENT MY ACCOUNT ==================================================================================== My Subscription Privacy Policy Terms of Use Terms of Sale Customer Service: 0-808-234-0684 We've contacted you because you registered at Starbucks Store or for news & promotions - or you provided us with your email address. Your address is listed as To edit or update your profile or preferences go to the profile center. To unsubscribe from our email list, click here. This email is sent from an account we use for sending messages only. So if you want to contact us, don’t reply to this email - we won’t get your response. Instead, visit our customer service page. This email was sent by: Starbucks Manufacturing EMEA Accraweg 19 Amsterdam, North Holland 1047 HJ The Netherlands

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