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Bring some innovation into your workflow this month. View this email in your browser ( ). ( ) ********************* March Into Creativity ********************* Shake things up with new ideas, workflows, and processes. 5 Ways To Spark Creativity -------------------------- Did you know that getting creative can be as easy as a walk in the park? Get Going ( ) Tackle Time Management ---------------------- One expert shares creative approaches to making time for a side project. Start Planning ( ) Don't Do Nothing ---------------- How do you empower employees to get creative with problem solving? Rally The Troops ( ) A Digital Nomad Deep Dive ------------------------- See how working and traveling can energize your career. Take The Ride ( ) Throw The Book At 'Em --------------------- Get creative in the unlikeliest place: your company's employee manual. Show Me How ( ) Connect with us: ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) Copyright © 2016 Trello Inc., All rights reserved. Unsubscribe ( ) | view in browser ( )

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