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: Boo-tiful Snacks FIND RECIPES : - Easy Boo-Nana<br>Pops: - Witches<br>Fingers: - Silly Apple<br>Bites: - Chocolate-Mint Halloween Spiders: - Homemade Candy<br>Corn: - Halloween<br>Pizzas: - Halloween Trash<br>Bark: - Graveyard Brownie<br>Cupcakes: - Blood & Guts Chocolate Cups: - Halloween Deviled<br>Eggs: - Spider Web<br>Taco Dip: - Halloween Mummy Apple Crypts: - Facebook: - Twitter: - Pinterest: - Google: You are receiving this email because you registered on our website or in our apps. If you no longer want to receive emails like this, you can xxxxxxxxxxx: Copyright 2009-2017, Yummly Inc., 610 Walnut St. Redwood City, CA 94063

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