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View this in your browser ( Around the Cog #004 May 2014 Howdy! With the longer days of summer approaching, there’s plenty of daylight to step out of your comfort zone. Doing so is the best way to make big strides in your life and career. Sometimes that means learning new skills that complete your own. We’ve read and heard folks say how important it is for designers to learn to code ( , but what about the need for developers to learn design principles? On Cognition, Stephen Caver suggests just that in “Why Developers Need to Learn Design ( .” As part of his article Stephen suggests a few resources in response to some of the comments: A Practical Guide to Designing for the Web ( by Mark Boulton and Graphic Design: The New Basics ( by Ellen Lupton. And don’t miss a fantastic interview with Ellen from The Great Discontent ( where she says, “Everybody is taking part in design.” There are even a few online programs that are specific to developers interested in design like Hack Design ( and Design for Hackers ( . Comfort zones can lead to stale results. Basecamp’s Jason Fried proposed we not overdesign our websites ( ) , and Greg Storey agreed that everything is starting to look the same ( ) . Interestingly enough, Cameron Moll shares an opposing sentiment when it comes to webfonts. While there are limitless options for webfonts now, he’d “rather spend that time building the do ( .” + Happy Cog Talk about comfort zones, ( hired Happy Cog to capitalize in the short term on their biggest sales opportunity, the World Cup ( . Together we’re optimizing the online buying experience especially for mobile users. It's a rewarding project that has both teams working outside of their normal processes, within a very compact amount of time. Experiment with a new tool or a method. Our developers do this all the time and that’s how they came to love Craft CMS. It’s no secret that we love working with Craft at Happy Cog. Last month, Anthony Colangelo presented The Right Toolbox ( at Peers Conference ( and will be participating in the first ever Craft CMS Summit ( in just a few weeks to show how you can create a custom matrix. Think you’re ready to dive in? Try Mijingo’s brand new course on the latest version of Craft ( . Try a new platform for sharing your work and ideas. Designer Aura Seltzer got out of her comfort zone last week at Confab Central by speaking in front of a large audience for the first time ( . She joined Sara Wachter-Boettcher ( and Amy Lavoie to talk about content and collaboration when redesigning a responsive site ( . Use the extra daylight in this summer to step out of that shell, and know that you’re not doing so alone. In our weekly cross-office status meetings, we do a “show and tell” every Friday. It helps us get to know our coworkers in a whole new way. People have shared precious family photos, tales from teenage summer jobs, the story behind the Steinberger bass, and some heartfelt writing (http://xxxxxxxxxx.xx/0000/00/xxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxx-xxxx/?xxx_xxxxxx=Xxxxxx+xxx+Xxx%0X+Xxxxx+Xxx%00x+Xxxxxxxxxx&xxx_xxxxxxxx=0x0xx00000-Xxxxxx_xxx_Xxx_000&xxx_xxxxxx=xxxxx&xxx_xxxx=0_0x0x000000-0x0xx00000-000000000) . Your Friends at Happy Cog Learn how Happy Cog helped Black Hills Corporation empower energy conservation through responsive design ( for their customers and investors. ============================================================ ** Let's work together on your next project ( Written by ** Alison Harshbarger ( , edited by ** Aura Seltzer ( , and illustrated by ** J ( ** ason Dziak ( ** ( ** Tweet ( ** ( ** Forward to Friend ( ** ( ** +1 ( ** ( ** Share ( ** ( ** Share ( Copyright © 2014 Happy Cog, All rights reserved. Thanks for reading Around the Cog, Happy Cog's newsletter. We sent this to you because you’ve either inquired about working with us, have worked with us, or we simply consider you a pal. Happy Cog 1315 Walnut Street Suite 201 Philadelphia, Pa 19107 USA ** Unsubscribe from this list ( ** Update subscription preferences (

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