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## Evernote Tip 5 of 5: How to Find Anything ## Quick Tip #5 - Find Anything Finding things in your Evernote account is simple. No matter how you organize your stuff, Evernote makes it easy to find just what you need. Search for keywords in the content of your notes, or search for text in photos of business cards, receipts, and whiteboard notes. Premium users can also search through attachments such as documents and spreadsheets with Document Search. Try Out Image Search Snap a photo of anything with text in it. Sync and give us some time to process the image. When you need the note later, simply search for a word or two from the image. Learn More > http://xxxx.---xxxxx.---/xxxx/0000/00/00/xxxxx-xxx-xxx-xx-xxxxxx-xxx-xxxx-xxxxxx-xx-xxxxx/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------- For support requests, please contact us by going to our support page. > http://xxxxxxxx.---/xxxxxxx/xxxxxxx/ This email has been sent to you by Evernote Corporation on behalf of its affiliates, Evernote Corporation, 305 Walnut Street, Redwood City, CA 94063, USA Unsubscribe > https://xxx.---xxxxx.---/XxxxxxxxxxxXxxxx.---xxx?xxxx=00&xxxxx=xxxxxxxxxxx00@xxxxx.--- Privacy Policy > http://xxxxxxxx.---/xxxxx/xxxxxxx.---

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