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Who needs email testing? You do! Today is National Bad Poetry day in the US and for this momentous occasion we'll be giving away an EoA goodie bag for the best "worst poem" you can come up with! SIGN UP FREE TODAY (*Vj8B4m2PX23qW10cvW_8sNQGR0 ) Email on Acid VIEW ONLINE (*W1fNJwb5TP-M6W1g6R2F2xf4L60 ) Gmail is Red, Outlook's got you Blue, Who needs email testing? You do! (*N8nRX5WBdG5hW8hvNjp2_f3_C0 ) Did you know that Bad Poetry Day is an actual thing?! Because it absolutely is. As appreciators of stick figure drawings, terrible puns and all other celebrations of mediocre (at best) art, it’s a no-brainer for Email on Acid to celebrate Bad Poetry Day. In fact, we’re so excited we’re sharing it with you for a chance to win prizes! Just click on the button below and tweet us your worst email related poem with #EOAPoetry. The winner of “worst poem” will get shirts, pint glasses, sticker packs, coasters and an assortment of other EOA gear! Submissions close Tuesday evening and we’ll pick the winner at 12pm EST Wednesday, August 23rd via Twitter! Look for retweets of hilarious poems throughout the week, and remember – have fun! SUBMIT YOURS (*W758jCm6d87L1W9hJH6q4x82790 ) Like us on Facebook (*W3Mj1j08NX-W0W58m2b78wNf3Z0 ) Follow us on Twitter (*W4cNp364dWrzJW8wrbnC73YLKS0 ) Follow us on LinkedIn (*W4cD_Fs6WzV66W7c_xJn67hbZJ0 ) Follow us on Pinterest (*VmxttN3-tHwcW4SVLh_4RsL-k0 ) 5670 Greenwood Plaza Blvd. | Greenwood Village, CO 720-242-7633 | ( Copyright © 2017 Email on Acid All rights reserved. Want to cancel your subscription to our emails? Unsubscribe ( ) from this list.

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