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Basecamp announcement: ------------------------------------------------------------------ New: The official Basecamp app for iPhone Hi there, Since you're a Basecamp user, you might like to know there's a new Basecamp app for the iPhone. It makes it easier to check in on your Basecamp projects wherever you are. Check it out on the App Store: https://xxxxxx.---xx.---/xx/xxx/xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxx/xx000000000?xx=0 Here's what you can do with it: - Check in on your projects from anywhere. Basecamp for iPhone shows you the latest news on each project. - Jump in on a discussion and post your thoughts. - View progress as team members complete to-dos and upload files. - Look up anything in a project. Refer to a document or make a decision no matter where you are. Thanks for using Basecamp. We hope you enjoy the new app, - The Basecamp Team Download on the App Store: https://xxxxxx.---xx.---/xx/xxx/xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxx/xx000000000?xx=0 ------------------------------------------------------------------ This email was sent to: Everyone on your Basecamp account. Stop receiving emails about Basecamp announcements. http://00xxxxxxx.---xx0.---/x/x-x-xxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxx-x/

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