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** Twitter ** > https://xxxxxxx.--- ##Let's speak privately. Now you can send private messages to groups, so everybody feels welcome. Trade tales, share Tweets, or plan surprises with multiple people at once. Let's go! > https://xxxxxxx.---/messages?refsrc=email -------------------------- #Share Tweets. Share any Tweet you see on Twitter with one or many. It's an excellent way to start conversations, reinforce arguments, cite sources, or make introductions. Learn more > https://xxxxx.---xxxx.---/xxxxxxxxxxxxxx #Assemble your A-team. Converse in confidence with a group of up to 20 people. Add any of your followers at will. They'll get notifications when they're added, so they won't miss a moment. Learn more > https://xxxxx.---xxxx.---/xxxxxxxxxxxxxx #Show emoji. Direct Messages now support text, pics, links, emoji and Tweets, so you can speak freely, even without words. Learn more > https://xxxxx.---xxxx.---/xxxxxxxxxxxxxx -------------------------- #Be yourself. Don't worry. Even with all the changes, Direct Messages are just as private as ever, so you can speak your mind or collaborate in confidence with all the people you trust. -------------------------- Settings > https://xxxxxxx.---/settings/notifications Help > https://xxxxxxx.---xxxx.---/ Opt-out > https://xxxxxxx.---/i/u?t=1&cn=Z3JvdXBfZG1fYW5ub3VuY2VtZW50&sig=9ae318623f119cf8f7ca3066b6fce93a901d7b7f&iid=e752cf58489b4075af562d0d4e023b2f&uid=2510330743&nid=244+26+20150204&usbid=2 Twitter, Inc. 1355 Market Street, Suite 900 San Francisco, CA 94103

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