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( ) This summer, we’re offering even more ways to make your website stand out. === Pinterest Integration We recently announced a partnership with Pinterest ( ) that helps Squarespace customers grow their websites and businesses. See what it can do for you. LEARN MORE ( ) === AdWords Credit We’re excited to offer Squarespace Business & Commerce customers an opportunity to receive $100 in AdWords credit. CHECK ELIGIBILITY ( ) === New Adobe Typekit Fonts Available Squarespace is committed to making great design available to everyone. That’s why our customers now have access to the full Typekit library of 1,000+ fonts. VIEW OUR GUIDE ( ) === Featured Customer: Yield Introducing Featured Customers, where we celebrate a different customer’s story with every newsletter. Headquartered in St. Augustine, Florida, Yield is an independent design studio that uses timeless materials and contemporary craft to create new standards in American design. You might know them from our latest ads ( ). See how Yield used Squarespace to build their beautiful website. CHECK OUT YIELD ( ) ==== Blog ( ) Help & Support ( ) Mobile Apps ( ) Answers ( ) Contact Us ( ) Squarespace, Inc. 459 Broadway NY, NY, 10013 Unsubscribe ( ) ( )

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