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#EmailWeekly by @ActionRocket View HTML version: ================================================== IT'S THE ALL NEW REDESIGNED EMAILWEEKLY Hi Jason, here is the latest email gossip We had an awesome response to the first ever #EmailWeekly email design pop quiz last week. As promised, here are the answers: 1) Imhotep would be the first person to unsubscribe 2) It does sound good as a catch all phrase, but it falls down quickly as a strategy 3) Maths 7) Nobody converts on mobile, therefore it is unimportant Q) The missing tag is <tbody> ================================================== GET EMAILCITIES: THE GREATEST EMAIL FRAMEWORK OF ALL TIME - via Taxi for Email ================================================== GUIDE TO EMAIL MARKETING FOR THE MOBILE ERA - via Campaign Monitor ================================================== WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE NEW OUTLOOK.COM - via HTeuMeuLeu ================================================== HOW TO USE EMOJIS IN EMAIL SUBJECT LINES WITHOUT BEING A SPAMMER - via ClickZ ================================================== GMAIL'S 'MIC DROP' PRANK BACKFIRES IN A MORTIFYING WAY, GETS PULLED - via Mashable ================================================== 10 WAYS TO REDUCE EMAIL UNSUBSCRIBES - via Econsultancy ================================================== Rocking our (in)box this week: ================================================== #LITMUSLIVE - HOW WE LOST THE #TEDC16 HASHTAG ================================================== PROFANITY IN EMAIL SUBJECT LINES: A SPLIT TESTING EXPERIMENT ================================================== WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR METRICS AFTER WE STOPPED SENDING SO MUCH EMAIL ================================================== GUIDE TO EMAIL MARKETING LAWS ================================================== 😸TAXI IS NOW ON PRODUCT HUNT ================================================== VIRGIN AMERICA'S NEW LOGO ================================================== AN EMAIL MARKETING CONVERSATION WITH JUSTIN KHOO ================================================== WOMEN EMAIL MARKETERS EARN JUST 83% MEN'S SALARIES, AND THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE ================================================== 60% OF TEENS RECEIVE TOO MANY PROMOTIONAL EMAILS (BUT STILL PREFER THE CHANNEL TO ANY OTHER) ================================================== WHEN DO PEOPLE UNSUBSCRIBE FROM EMAIL MARKETING CAMPAIGNS? [INFOGRAPHIC] ================================================== EMAIL MARKETERS BEHAVING BADLY – 6 HABITS TO KICK TO THE CURB ================================================== DON'T BE CREEPY WITH YOUR DATA ================================================== @actionrocket on Twitter ( ) ================================================== Made with ♥ using Taxi for Email ( ) You have received this email because you signed up at Email Design Review ( ) or ( ). We try out new bits of code in this email, so it may break from time to time. Think of it as a permanent beta. If you don't want these emails any more, please unsubscribe below. Have a nice day. Subscribe ( ) Contact Us ( ) Privacy Policy ( ) Unsubscribe: ActionRocket 503 Pill Box, 115 Coventry Road, Bethnal Green, London, E2 6GH. UK ( ) © 2011-2016 Action Rocket Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Registered in England and Wales, № 07783258. VAT № 130667819.

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