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Join Dan Rhatigan & see how OpenType features can improve your typography View this in the browser Join the webinar Finely Tuned Typography Wednesday June 29th at 1PM EDT Book my spot [] Don't miss this one-hour webinar with Monotype as type designer Dan Rhatigan discusses the might of microtypography; takes a detailed look at the ligatures, contextual alternates, small caps, and number styles available in OpenType features; and shows how sweating this small stuff can take your typography to the next level. While Dan won't be delving into implementation on the web, if you care about quality typography it's certain to be super interesting and useful. You'll learn about The history of these glyphs Why type designers go to the trouble to create them The effect these subtle treatments can have on your designs. Book my spot [] Have questions? Just reply to this email and we'll get right back to you. Unsubscribe The Typecast design application is a handy service from Monotype Ltd, a company registered at Unit 2, Perrywood Business Park, Salfords, Surrey RH1 5DZ, England.

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