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View Online| Unsubscribe Stunning Articles Share Code Snippets and Get/Give Feedback [] Codepad is a place for developers to save and then share code snippets of any type or length. Moving Along a Curved Path in CSS With Layered Animation [] CSS animations and transitions are great for animating something from point A to B... Using Bootstrap 4 Flexbox [] New layout mode to improve arrangement of items on a... Cinema Seat Preview Experiment [] An experimental demo where a 3D perspective preview is... Google's Creepy Plan to Kill the Password [] Password may be broken, but is 24/7 biometric tracking... Variables: The Backbone Of CSS Architecture [] When they hit the front-end landscape a few years ago... How to Completely Customize the WP Login Page [] The WP login page provides a generic looking solution for... Internet of Things (IoT): The UX Challenges [] Everyday things around us are becoming smarter... Useful Stuff Top Web Design Trends for 2016 [] Web design is a fast-paced industry and being able to predict top trends ahead of time will... How to Design for Dyslexia [] One in every five visitors to your site might be dyslexic, this means that if your content isn't... Feature JS [] A Fast, simple and lightweight browser feature detection... SVG Nest [] A browser-based and open source vector nesting tool. Grid Element [] Responsive grid element using Polymer and Flexbox. Notie JS [] A clean and simple notification plugin for JS... Gridlex [] A very simple css grid system to quickly create modern... Superpowers [] 2D+3D game making for indies, free and open source. Free Resources Portfolio PSD Template [] Minimalistic portfolio website design template made for fun, it is free either for commercial... Set of 120+ Free Icons [] Colorful set of 120+ gorgeous and free icons carefully designed by Alexander Kutuzov... Nemesis Template [] Free PSD template with clean, attractive and modern Construction Theme [] WordPress Theme with clean, creative and elegant design... Vintage Textures [] Each file contains a layer for Color & Texture, and one for... Vector Elements Set [] Vector elements set full of mountains, forest houses... BlowBrush Free Font [] Hand written, marker style font with natural lines and... Frost & Fog Photos [] 50 photos of fall and frost, beautiful leaves, foggy... Best Weekly Deals Learn Web Design and Start Your Freelance Business - $19 [] Kremlin : A Beautiful and Classy Script Font - $7.50 [] Get More Great Deals [] Connect With Us 99,859 Awesome Subscribers Newsletter Issue #123 / January 19, 2016 Freebies [] Giveaways [] Deals [] Contact [] Manage Subscription Unsubscribe This email newsletter template was built with Startup Design Framework [] Copyright © 2016 eWebDesign [] | All Rights Reserved

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