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Hi Matthew, welcome to our April round-up View in browser http://xxxxxxxxxxxxx.---/0XX-0X0XX-X0XX0X0000/xx.---x | Login ( http://xxxxxxxxxxxxx.---/0XX-0X0XX-XX0X00-0XXXX0-0/x.---x ) Big news and fresh insight Quarterly release: Reporting Tried our new Reporting suite yet? Many of you have already started analyzing your marketing on a whole new level.  If you haven't got started yet, these features can revolutionize the way you report on your email marketing so that you can take action to generate more ROI. Don’t miss out. Check it out: http://xxxxxxxxxxxxx.---/0XX-0X0XX-XX0X00-0XXXX0-0/x.---x Turn your data into ROI. See our new reporting features: http://xxxxxxxxxxxxx.---/0XX-0X0XX-XX0X00-0XXXX0-0/x.---x Live webinar: Reporting feature release Join us for a 30 minute webinar to see our new reporting features in action. Spot trends in your email marketing, improve your email strategy performance and generate more ROI. Book your place: http://xxxxxxxxxxxxx.---/0XX-0X0XX-XX0X00-0XXXX0-0/x.---x New whitepaper: 'Metrics Matter' See our new whitepaper: 'Metrics Matter - Beyond the Essentials' o learn the crucial metrics that every marketer should consider when analyzing email marketing reports. Read the new whitepaper › http://xxxxxxxxxxxxx.---/0XX-0X0XX-XX0X00-0XXXX0-0/x.---x Case study: TUI Group TUI Group used dotmailer to integrate email, CRM, web and sales reporting. Using the platform not only made communications more effective, but also increased their understanding of the market. Read the full case study › http://xxxxxxxxxxxxx.---/0XX-0X0XX-XX0X00-0XXXX0-0/x.---x Inspiration & insight The dotmailer blog • Spring has sprung: our latest release is here: http://xxxxxxxxxxxxx.---/0XX-0X0XX-XX0X00-0XXXXX-0/x.---x • 3 ways a CRM integration can empower your B2B ecommerce marketing: http://xxxxxxxxxxxxx.---/0XX-0X0XX-XX0X00-0XXXXX-0/x.---x • How can you improve your email marketing strategy? http://xxxxxxxxxxxxx.---/0XX-0X0XX-XX0X00-0XXXXX-0/x.---x • Know your email strategy inside out: http://xxxxxxxxxxxxx.---/0XX-0X0XX-XX0X00-0XXXXX-0/x.---x • Imagine Commerce 2015: http://xxxxxxxxxxxxx.---/0XX-0X0XX-XX0X00-0XXXXX-0/x.---x • Automation in under 10 minutes. Part 2: Feedback: http://xxxxxxxxxxxxx.---/0XX-0X0XX-XX0X00-0XXXXX-0/x.---x See our blog for more inspiration & insight › http://xxxxxxxxxxxxx.---/0XX-0X0XX-XX0X00-0XXXXX-0/x.---x Events Join us at these upcoming exhibitions and trade shows: 22nd & 23rd June Magento Live 2015 - London, UK: http://xxxxxxxxxxxxx.---/0XX-0X0XX-XX0X00-0XXXXX-0/x.---x Ecommerce conference Join 700+ regional Magento enthusiasts and take your ecommerce business to the next level. Expand your knowledge with our on-demand webinars: • dotmailer Channel Extensions: http://xxxxxxxxxxxxx.---/0XX-0X0XX-XX0X00-0XXXXX-0/x.---x • dotmailer Surveys and Forms: http://xxxxxxxxxxxxx.---/0XX-0X0XX-XX0X00-0XXXXX-0/x.---x • dotmailer Insight: http://xxxxxxxxxxxxx.---/0XX-0X0XX-XX0X00-0XXXXX-0/x.---x • dotmailer for Magento Jan15 release: http://xxxxxxxxxxxxx.---/0XX-0X0XX-XX0X00-0XXXXX-0/x.---x • dotmailer for Salesforce Jan15 release: http://xxxxxxxxxxxxx.---/0XX-0X0XX-XX0X00-0XXXXX-0/x.---x • dotmailer for MS Dynamics CRM Jan15 release: http://xxxxxxxxxxxxx.---/0XX-0X0XX-XX0X00-0XXXX0-0/x.---x • Building an email marketing strategy: http://xxxxxxxxxxxxx.---/0XX-0X0XX-XX0X00-0XXXX0-0/x.---x • Humanizing Automation: http://xxxxxxxxxxxxx.---/0XX-0X0XX-XX0X00-0XXXX0-0/x.---x • dotmailer for Magento demo: http://xxxxxxxxxxxxx.---/0XX-0X0XX-XX0X00-0XXXX0-0/x.---x • Order Insight demo: http://xxxxxxxxxxxxx.---/0XX-0X0XX-XX0X00-0XXXXX-0/x.---x • dotmailer for MS Dynamics CRM demo: http://xxxxxxxxxxxxx.---/0XX-0X0XX-XX0X00-0XXXX0-0/x.---x • dotmailer for Salesforce demo: http://xxxxxxxxxxxxx.---/0XX-0X0XX-XX0X00-0XXXX0-0/x.---x • Marketing Automation webinar: http://xxxxxxxxxxxxx.---/0XX-0X0XX-XX0X00-0XXXXX-0/x.---x • How to Accelerate Gift Sales: http://xxxxxxxxxxxxx.---/0XX-0X0XX-XX0X00-0XXXXX-0/x.---x See our full list of upcoming events › http://xxxxxxxxxxxxx.---/0XX-0X0XX-XX0X00-0XXXXX-0/x.---x That's it for this month. We look forward to bringing you new features and fresh insight in May. Best wishes, The dotmailer team E T +44 (0)845 337 9170 No.1 London Bridge, SE1 9BG No.1 Croydon, CR0 0XT 350, 7th Ave, New York, 10001 View office locations ( http://xxxxxxxxxxxxx.---/0XX-0X0XX-XX0X00-0XXXXX-0/x.---x ) Every dot tells a story. Tell us yours ( http://xxxxxxxxxxxxx.---/0XX-0X0XX-XX0X00-0XXXXX-0/x.---x ) Unsubscribe http://xxxxxxxxxxxxx.---/0XX-0X0XX-X0XX0X0000/xxx.---x

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