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Love dogs? Us too! Join us for a weekly dose of our favourite stories about how dogs make our world a whole lot better. Ok, I know we just said in the subject line that we aren’t going to talk about coronavirus. But it’s important to stress that it’s not because we’re not thinking about it. It’s because it’s ALL we’re thinking about. In future editions of this newsletter, we’ll spend time exploring what it means for our pets and our lives with them (if you can’t wait we have a few articles on the site already []). But right now, we figured you could use a break. So here are some other things to think about for the next 10 minutes or so. At OTL [], one topic has puzzled us for a while: how much do dogs really like dog parks? For some of our dogs, they’re total Edens of joy and butt-sniffing. For others, they’re nightmare situations, perfectly calibrated to make them anxious. This week we decided to get stuck into the pro/con dog park debate. Let us tell you…there are a lot of opinions out there. Stay tuned for more deep-dive, dog park reporting. For now, catch up on our investigation so far. [] If you’re already a dog park enthusiast, you can also check out some of the word’s greatest dog hang out spots. [] Now we’ve got you in the mood for a spirited debate, here are some other recent questions we’ve been picking over: Is getting a tattoo of your dog a good idea? [] Do dogs actually like wearing clothes? [] Is there any value in dog wellness products? [] Do dogs help you get dates? [] Can your dog follow what’s happening on TV? [] Should dogs ever be vegan? [] Until next week, stay home, wash your hands, and look after each other. Oh, and tell your dog we say hi! Latest Posts [] Do Dogs Actually like Dog Parks? [] Dog parks have become massively popular in recent years. But owners and behaviourists are starting to wonder if they’re really such a good idea. Read Post [] Would You Get a Tattoo of Your Dog? [] When dog portraits go right, and when they go oh so wrong. Read Post [] [] Is It Mean to Dress Up Your Dog? [] Are those dog-sized Santa costumes calling you? Same. But before jumping into the makeover, take a few extra steps to ensure your dog’s as excited by the look as you are. Read Post [] [] Exploring the Best and Worst of Dog Wellness [] You can tell a lot about our changing relationship with our dogs by how we look after them. And if the pet wellness industry tells us anything, it’s that we’re worried about [...] Read Post [] [] Dogs Make You More Confident and Attractive to Hot Strangers [] Science has finally proven something that we’ve long suspected--dogs totally help you get dates. Read Post [] [] Your Dog Likes Podcasts and TV as Much as You [] A recent wave of podcasts, audio books, and TV shows made specifically for dogs proves that our pets are the hottest new audiences. Read Post [] Can Dogs Be Vegan? [] New data has shown that the number of pets on vegan diets is increasing. But can plant-based nutrition offer your dog everything they need? Read Post [] Visit [] Exploring everything great about life with healthy, happy, beautiful dogs. Supported by Scratch Dog Food [] Unsubscribe

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