Bellroy Bellroy Crafting better ways to carry[UNIQID] ** Introducing the High Line & Low Down ------------------------------------------------------------ We've stripped these wallets back to the essentials, to focus on the things a minimalist needs the most. The High Line is a purer version of our Note Sleeve, and the Low Down is a pared-back design of our Hide & Seek.[UNIQID]#tamarillo ** THE HIGH LINE ------------------------------------------------------------ Fits all currencies, in a classic portrait style. SHOP NOW ([UNIQID]#tamarillo)[UNIQID]#tamarillo ** THE LOW DOWN ------------------------------------------------------------ Designed for short bills, like the US and Australian dollar. SHOP NOW ([UNIQID]#tamarillo) ** ------------------------------------------------------------ ** "You wouldn’t choose shoes two sizes too big, so don’t carry your bills in more wallet than they need." ------------------------------------------------------------ ** - JAMES, BELLROY DESIGNER ------------------------------------------------------------[UNIQID] ** RECENTLY ON #BELLROY ------------------------------------------------------------[UNIQID][UNIQID][UNIQID][UNIQID][UNIQID][UNIQID][UNIQID][UNIQID] Stay connected For the latest insights into all things Bellroy, check out our Twitter ([UNIQID]) , Facebook ([UNIQID]) , Pinterest ([UNIQID]) , or Instagram ([UNIQID]) . You can also visit our Carry Community at ([UNIQID]) . My Bellroy There's a whole community of Bellroy customers across the globe. To share the vibe and see how other folk use their Bellroys, hashtag #mybellroy ([UNIQID]) . Join the nest We're always looking for talented folk to join us here at Bellroy HQ. There's a host of full-time positions and we also love freelancers. Check out our Jobs ([UNIQID]) page and say hello. Visit ([UNIQID]) Got a question? Visit Customer support ([UNIQID])[UNIQID][UNIQID][UNIQID][UNIQID][UNIQID][UNIQID][UNIQID][UNIQID] This email was sent to ( Bellroy Pty Ltd | PO Box 58, Fitzroy Vic 3065 Australia © Bellroy. All rights reserved. Visit ([UNIQID]) Unsubscribe ( | Privacy Policy ([UNIQID])

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