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Holiday stress-busting smoothies to keep you energized.[UNIQID] ** ------------------------------------------------------------ Winter can be a stressful time. The sun is nowhere to be found, it’s pitch black at noon and all of the holiday stress is just the cherry on top. Obviously there are amazing things about winter, too, but due to the cold weather and holiday pressures, stress can build up and wreak havoc on your immune system. Don't worry - we've got your back! We’ve created 7 days worth of healthy and exclusive recipes, informative blog posts and spotlighted products that will help you keep your health (and hopefully sanity) this winter! We challenge you to reach new health heights with our 7 Day Smoothie Challenge. Once you see how irresistibly tasty these health drinks are, you won’t be able to resist trying them all out. READ THE GUIDE ([UNIQID]) ** The Ultimate Holiday Stress-Buster Combo ------------------------------------------------------------ Fuel your body with nutrient-dense foods that fight the effects of stress. The winning combo of PureFood A to Z, B, and C is your secret weapon to stay energized and healthy over the holidays. Just three easy scoops and you're good to go! SHOP THE TRIO ([UNIQID]) ------------------------------------------------------------ ** Get the Recipes ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ ** SPICED SUGAR PLUM SMOOTHIE ------------------------------------------------------------ This tart and spicy smoothie uses a bit of everything from your spice cupboard. Plums are known to help the body absorb vitamin C and iron, which will help your immune system stay strong over the holidays, so add a scoop each of PureFood Iron ([UNIQID]) and PureFood C ([UNIQID]) . GET THE RECIPE ([UNIQID]) ** CREAM OF PISTACHIO FRAPPE ------------------------------------------------------------ Voted cosiest smoothie in the office, this vanilla, earl grey, pistachio frappe is the perfect Sunday afternoon comfort snack. Get a dose of nut protein, feel the calming effects of earl grey tea and get your veg on with our all in one multi, the A to Z ([UNIQID]) . GET THE RECIPE ([UNIQID]) ** MAYAN CHOCOLATE SMOOTHIE ------------------------------------------------------------ Boosted with our Raw Cacao Smoothie Booster ([UNIQID]) , this recipe is perfect for a hit of energy. Loaded with Magnesium and B-vitamins that can help calm nerves and anxiety, this recipe will be your holiday season staple. GET THE RECIPE ([UNIQID]) ** CARROT CAKE SMOOTHIE ------------------------------------------------------------ Ah, the classic carrot cake. Skip the baking and the refined sugars and get real nutrition and that delicious cinnamon-y ginger-y flavour that makes carrot cake hard to resist. It's jam-packed with holiday stress-busting nutrients thanks to PureFood A to Z ([UNIQID]) , PureFood B ([UNIQID]) , and PureFood C ([UNIQID]) . GET THE RECIPE ([UNIQID]) ** HEALTHY GIFTS STARTING AT $14.99 ------------------------------------------------------------ ** FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $120 ------------------------------------------------------------ Check out our PureFood Gift Picks to keep your holiday healthy. Perfect for your vegan daughter, hockey-star nephew, or maybe an early present for you, too! SHOP GIFT IDEAS ([UNIQID]) SHOP ONLINE ([UNIQID]) ABOUT ([UNIQID]) CONTACT ([UNIQID]) FIND A STORE ([UNIQID]) Share this email with a friend: Can’t see this email? View this email online ( Manage Your Preferences ( or Unsubscribe ( Pranin Organic Inc. 2380 Vauxhall Place Richmond, BC V6V 1Z9 ( Connect with us:[UNIQID][UNIQID][UNIQID]

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