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New home trends | Spring knits | Frozen new arrivals & more Can't see our lovely email properly? Please click here http://xxxxxxx-xxxxx.xx.xx/Xx/00000000/0/x0xX_XXXXx0xxxxxxXxxxXxxx0XXxX0XxX0xxX_xxxx/ RECOLLECTION › http://xxxxxxx-xxxxx.xx.xx/Xx/00000000/0/x0xX_XXXXx0xxxxxxXxxxXxxx0XXxX0XxX0xxX_xxxx/ MEADOW › http://xxxxxxx-xxxxx.xx.xx/Xx/00000000/0/x0xX_XXXXx0xxxxxxXxxxXxxx0XXxX0XxX0xxX_xxxx/ INDIGO SHORE › http://xxxxxxx-xxxxx.xx.xx/Xx/00000000/0/x0xX_XXXXx0xxxxxxXxxxXxxx0XXxX0XxX0xxX_xxxx/ ENGLISH ROSE › http://xxxxxxx-xxxxx.xx.xx/Xx/00000000/0/x0xX_XXXXx0xxxxxxXxxxXxxx0XXxX0XxX0xxX_xxxx/ Introduce a fresh new look to your home for the new season. Looking for inspiration? Whether you want a quick update or a completely fresh look, we can help you get the perfect look in any room with our latest home trends. SPRING KNITS http://xxxxxxx-xxxxx.xx.xx/Xx/00000000/0/x0xX_XXXXx0xxxxxxXxxxXxxx0XXxX0XxX0xxX_xxxx/ Create the perfect transitional look for spring with lightweight knitwear in soft pastel tones. Start here and layer accordingly. WOMENS KNITWEAR › http://xxxxxxx-xxxxx.xx.xx/Xx/00000000/0/x0xX_XXXXx0xxxxxxXxxxXxxx0XXxX0XxX0xxX_xxxx/ Jeff Banks has created the concept of 24:7 as a modern, youthful, round the clock wardrobe. In essence it can be worn any time, anywhere. JEFF BANKS 24/7 › http://xxxxxxx-xxxxx.xx.xx/Xx/00000000/0/x0xX_XXXXx0xxxxxxXxxxXxxx0XXxX0XxX0xxX_xxxx/ The Frozen fun continues with our latest new arrivals, from glitter tumblers, sandwich boxes, blankets & pjs perfect for your little Frozen fan. FROZEN SHOP › http://xxxxxxx-xxxxx.xx.xx/Xx/00000000/0/x0xX_XXXXx0xxxxxxXxxxXxxx0XXxX0XxX0xxX_xxxx/ Spring may not be here just yet, but you can still work the season’s key looks now, the secret is in the jeans. WOMENS JEANS › http://xxxxxxx-xxxxx.xx.xx/Xx/00000000/0/x0xX_XXXXx0xxxxxxXxxxXxxx0XXxX0XxX0xxX_xxxx/ LET’S BE FRIENDS… Become a follower on our Facebook page –we share exclusive competitions, sneak peeks and more. Like us and we’ll love you back. LIKE US ON FACEBOOK › http://xxxxxxx-xxxxx.xx.xx/Xx/00000000/0/x0xX_XXXXx0xxxxxxXxxxXxxx0XXxX0XxX0xxX_xxxx/ Did you miss out on our Alphabet Scarves the first time around? We’ve got selected letters back in stock online & in selected stores right now. Hurry – they won’t be around for long! STORE FINDER › http://xxxxxxx-xxxxx.xx.xx/Xx/00000000/0/x0xX_XXXXx0xxxxxxXxxxXxxx0XXxX0XxX0xxX_xxxx/ BUY A SCARF › http://xxxxxxx-xxxxx.xx.xx/Xx/00000000/0/x0xX_XXXXx0xxxxxxXxxxXxxx0XXxX0XxX0xxX_xxxx/ * Delivery dates subject to change Don't miss out on the latest updates, add http://xxxxxxx-xxxxx.xx.xx/Xx/00000000/0/x0xX_XXXXx0xxxxxxXxxxXxxx0XXxX0XxX0xxX_xxxx/ to your Address Book. If you've changed your mind about being on our mailing list, you can CLICK HERE http://xxxxxxx-xxxxx.xx.xx/Xx/00000000/0/x0xX_XXXXx0xxxxxxXxxxXxxx0XXxX0XxX0xxX_xxxx/ to remove your name. We try to get product descriptions, pricing and specifications right, but specifications may change, we reserve the right to withdraw or substitute items if necessary. Products are subject to availability, whilst stocks last, and may be available in selected stores only. For further details call customer services on 0333 0044444. This email is sent on behalf of Matalan Retail Limited, a company registered in England, number 2103564, registered office, Perimeter Road, Knowsley Industrial Park, Liverpool, L33 7SZ.

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