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FEATURING — ISSUE 6 # in this issue INTERVIEW WITH KARMA CO-FOUNDER & CEO, WORDS FROM PHARRELL WILLIAMS, WORK BY JAMES VICTORE, AND GOOD ADVICE FROM TINA ROTH EISENBERG # # Eliminate the Friction Elimi- nate the Friction Read the interview with Steven van Wel, Co-founder and CEO at Karma ( Read More ( "When you are stuck in that box… …you will always answer to the perimeters." Pharrell Williams (#) Musician and entrepreneur, Speaking with A$AP Rocky on OTHERtone ( Alt James Victore Artist, Designer, and Author ( How do you handle frustrations? ------------------------------------------------------------ # ------------------------------------------------------------ “I have a personal rule that when I find myself complaining about something repeatedly I have two options: do something about it or let it go.” Tina Roth Eisenberg Founder of CreativeMornings ( , Tattly ( , TeuxDeux ( , and Friends ( Don't get mad, make something Quarterly’s ( Maker Box subscription features kits to build your own gadgets, electronics, tools, and more. Makers of any age can get their hands dirty—and maybe even come up with a few solutions of their own. ------------------------------------------------------------ Box curated by:, $100 ( ------------------------------------------------------------ # Forward toa friend ( TweetThis ( View in aBrowser ( Twitter ( Facebook ( Instagram ( Copyright © 2016 Collaborative Fund. All rights reserved. Unsubscribe? (

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