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Harry's_email-7_responsive <> Your order has arrived! (Let us know if it hasn't at <>) Here are some tips for shaving with Harry's survey your stubble Your hair grows differently from everyone else's, so find out which way your grain grows. Soften your beard Soften your facial hair with warm water. Use a quarter-sized dollop of shave cream and be sure to rub it in well to further soften your hair. Go with the grain Most importantly, start shaving *with the grain* and stay with it *everywhere.* Want to get closer? Lather up again and take a pass lightly against the grain. Cool off Gently splash cold water on your face and pat dry with a nice fluffy towel. Take a moment to appreciate the handsome guy staring back at you. *Get to know your new razor. Like a new baseball glove, it may take some breaking in, but the best is yet to come.* You're receiving this email because you're a customer of Harry's. Unsubscribe instantly <> 155 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY, 10013 <> <>

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