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Wistia Blog Digest This email is also available to view online: Hi again! How many issues of this newsletter can I send before mentioning the edition in the subject line becomes irrelevant? #3 features everything from Elise fawning over Moz's thumbnails to Lavigne's tips for vacation videos. Feel free to reply with thoughts on what we should cover next, holiday gift ideas for cool dads, and so on. <3, Alyce New Friends for Turnstile Our in-video email collector now schmoozes well with GetResponse, Marketo, and Ontraport. An Ode to Moz's Goofy Thumbnails Elise chatted with Elijah at Moz about how he chooses thumbnails for Whiteboard Friday. Why Vacation Video > Vacation Photos Lavigne's suggestions for great travel videos. A Look Inside Mack Web's Video Toolkit Tyler from Mack Web Solutions gives us a look behind the scenes at his video production toolkit. Evertrue's Rules of Reunion Crashing Harvey shares the story of Evertrue's authentic, shareable Reunion Crashers video. *** Top Hat Tip Break out of your comfort zone! *** Flashback 2012 The Wistia Labs Hackathon What we learned from building Wistia Labs, our set of experimental video tools, in two days with an office-wide hackathon. *** Ok, Bye! Thanks for reading, we hope you found some of these articles useful! We write a lot about using online video, so if you like this kind of thing, you should follow us on Twitter <> or Facebook <>. On the other hand, if you want to hear less from us, please change your preferences This email is also available to view online If you want to send us treats, we live at 17 Tudor Street, in Cambridge, MA 02139. We love treats. Love, Alyce.

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