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View online: http://x.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx/xxxxxxx/xxxXxxxx.xxxx?XxxxXX=xxxxxx000000xxxx0x~x~xxx0x~xxxxx~x~x~x~x~x ------------------- CAMPAIGN MASTER (UK) LTD ------------------- Weekly Roundup - 5th September 2014 There are so many 'basics of email marketing’ and we hold our hands up and say we are guilty of publishing various Email 101's at different times – but hey, we are only trying to help. Therefore, we thought it might be useful for you to have them all in one place. Some of these are from our archives but all are still relevant for today's email marketer. - Call to action - How to create the perfect text email    - Designing with tables - Images in email See the full Weekly Roundup below http://x.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx/xxxxxxx/xxxXxxxx.xxxx?XxxxXX=xxxxxx000000xxxx0x~x~xxx0x~xxxxx~x~x~x~x~x ———————— Campaign Master (UK) Ltd. Tel: +44(0) 208 515 7080 4th Floor, Congress House, 14 Lyon Road, Harrow HA1 2EN  Your complete solution to email marketing. © Copyright 2013 Campaign Master (UK) Ltd. All rights reserved.  Channel opt-out http://x.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx/xxxxxxx/xxxXxxxx.xxxx?XxxxXX=xxxxxx000000xxxx0x~x~xxx0x~xxxxx~x~x~x~x~x Unsubscribe all http://x.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx/xxxxxxx/xxxXxxxx.xxxx?XxxxXX=xxxxxx000000xxxx0x~x~xxx0x~xxxxx~x~x~x~x~x

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