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iphone August 18, 2016 From The Drum Isn’t it time pop culture popped once again? The trouble with design for the masses Chris Moody, Chief design officer of Wolff Olins, shares what all modern brands are wrestling with today—the tension between designing for usability or distinctiveness. Read Now ( The Latest in Design and Innovation Justin Jackson, Mega Maker host - shares why SaaS is 'just a licensing and delivery model' and asks what model will take its place when the market becomes saturated in SaaS is ripe for disruption. ( Product // Startups // Strategy César Bejarano, Product designer & architect - takes a psychological approach to product design that puts emphasis on people's natural needs and behavior over the object itself in Human Centered Design. ( Brand // Design // Messaging // Product // Strategy David Pierce, Senior staff writer at WIRED - shares how Google is trying to change how we communicate by replacing emojis with video calling in Google Duo Is Great, But Video Chat Is Still Super Awkward. ( Design // Product From Co.Exist Guerrilla Bike Lanes Show Cities How Easy It Is To Make Streets Safer Adele Peters, Co.Exist staff writer, reports on how San Francisco bikers and pedestrians are taking matters into their own hands and redesigning bike lanes themselves. Read Now ( Lee Munroe, Product Designer at Mesosphere - shares why a lot of us tend not to perform UX testing and how to make it routine in How Our Product Design Team Conducts Usability Tests Every 2 Weeks. ( Design // Product Dan Petty, Freelance Designer - talks about living life and finding the right mental and physical spaces to work and fuel his creativity in Why ‘punching the clock’ is the easiest way to kill your creative momentum. ( Culture Irene Au, Design Partner at Khosla Ventures - explains how attributes of human nature—fear, greed, and ego—are passed from products and services onto users in Design and the Self. ( Design // Product Periodic ( is brought to you by Studio Science ( , a design and innovation consultancy headquartered in Indianapolis. Studio Science 54 Monument Circle, 6th Floor Indianapolis, IN 46204 USA Preferences ( | Unsubscribe (

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