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Plus insights on spam & tips for mobile optimization Can't see this email? View online ================================================================================ Alchemy Worx ABOUT US BLOG CONTACT CAREERS ================================================================================ SEND MORE EMAILS, MAKE MORE MONEY Dela Quist’s views on reach and frequency in email have long been rooted in data, and recent findings from Return Path certainly support the belief that more messages means more revenue. In this post he looks at the findings, and the one argument that some marketers still use against sending more email – the impact of frequency on deliverability. READ MORE ================================================================================ WORRIED ABOUT ENDING UP IN THE SPAM FOLDER? DON'T! Interesting article by Sri Harsha Somanchi, Product Manager at Google that allows email marketers to breathe a sigh of relief as we learn that only 1 in a 1,000 emails reaching the inbox is spam. If that wasn’t enough, only 1 email in 2,000 that reach the spam folder shouldn’t be there! READ MORE ================================================================================ MAINTAINING ENGAGEMENT IN AN INCREASINGLY MOBILE MARKETPLACE Mobile clicks and revenue are at an all-time high, so what can you do to make optimize your customer experience - far beyond responsive design? This article offers some insights and tips. FIND OUT MORE ================================================================================ Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: Google+: Contact Us ================================================================================ © Alchemy Worx 2015 This email was sent to Received this email from a friend? Sign up to Email Worx today Unsubscribe

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