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Time is running out to participate in SailMail’s Free Beta Test! View this email in your browser ( ** SailMail Beta Testing Wraps Up Soon! ------------------------------------------------------------ ** Don't miss your chance to try our new Mailchimp Extension for free! ------------------------------------------------------------ Start Now (http://xxxx.xxxxxxxx.xx) ** The Top 4 Ways to Use SailMail: ------------------------------------------------------------ (In no particular order, of course) 1. Enticement Giveaway - Advertise giveaways at the point of signup to encourage subscriptions 2. Email List Contest - Run a “Sweepstakes” style Campaign for subscribers only 3. Offer Testing - Give a discount code to 10% of your email subscribers and measure results 4. Reduce Unsubscribes - Let your subscribers know they have the chance to win! ** Using SailMail is as Easy as 1-2-3: ------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Create your SailMail account by authenticating with Mailchimp 2. Complete SailMail’s 3-step setup process. Contests and giveaways will now run automatically. 3. Promote email list offers to potential subscribers, and watch sign-ups and engagement grow! Use the Free SailMail Beta Test today: Start Now (http://xxxx.xxxxxxxx.xx) Beta Testers have the chance to win a free year’s subscription! ============================================================ Copyright © 2014 SailMail, All rights reserved. You signed up on to be a part of the beta test! Our mailing address is: SailMail 300-128 West Hastings Vancouver, BC V6B 1K6 Canada ** unsubscribe from this list ( ** update subscription preferences (

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