Mastering A/B Testing and Experimentation in Email

Learn how 5 of the world’s leading brands approach A/B testing and experimentation to drive email success.

Practical Tips for Designing, Running and Measuring Impactful Experiments

Tyler Michel, Square


With the right balance of art and science, you can leverage email experimentation to expand your impact far beyond the scope of the channel. Tyler Michel from Square walks through what makes email experimentation so powerful, how reusable frameworks help you decide what to test, and how to measure experiments the right way.

Practical Tips for Designing, Running and Measuring Impactful Experiments

Kate Tinklenberg, Intuit
Rian Lemmer, Intuit


Want quicker insights and improvements for your email marketing program? By implementing a framework for experimentation, you can make better assumptions, build and test hypotheses, and get real results faster than ever before. See how Intuit learned to fall in love with the problem (not the solution), got scrappy, and implemented a robust framework for email experimentation that made a difference.

Driving Downstream Funnel Metrics with A/B Testing

Lindsay Brothers, Indeed


Too often, we focus on the metrics associated with an email send without looking at how that campaign affects every other part of the marketing funnel. Get an inside look at how Indeed used experiments to drive core downstream metrics, including insights into what to test, how to track it, and how to apply their concepts to your own campaigns.

Better Email Onboarding Through Strategy, Testing, and Experimentation

Chris Kaundart, Atlassian


Email onboarding is hard. By adopting an experimental mindset, you can test new concepts to see what provides the most value for new subscribers. Using this information, you can set better goals, measure your successes, and—more importantly—push the boundaries of what’s possible in email onboarding for more successful programs.

Building an Email Growth Model

Ed Burrows, Phiture


Ever feel like you’re just running random tests without knowing whether or not they’ll have any impact? With an email growth model, you can confidently find and leverage optimization opportunities to improve your campaigns. Learn how to apply growth principles to email programs to build a framework for designing experiments that increase conversions and get the most value out of your subscribers.