Slate: Responsive Email Templates

Five pre-tested templates that work with any mailing service

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Tested in 50+ email clients

More than 50% of emails are opened on mobile. Optimize your emails for small screens with these 5 free responsive HTML email templates. They’ve been tested in Litmus and are completely bulletproof—they even work in Outlook.

Slate newsletter


The perfect starter template for any email newsletter. Featuring a large hero image, multiple columns, and different content sections, this highly flexible template is perfect for conveying any information to your subscribers.

Slate product

Product Update

With smaller, more focused feature sections and a large call-to-action, the Product Update template is fantastic for launching that next great product or feature update.

Slate receipt


Transactional emails are often overlooked. The Receipt template is a great way to update your transactional emails to not only look good, but present vital information in a clean, readable manner.

Slate simple

Simple Announcement

The Simple Announcement template is perfect for quicker updates. Focus your subscribers’ attention with the single content section, large hero, succinct copy, and bulletproof call-to-action.

Slate stationary


Sometimes, a more personal approach works best. The Stationery template is perfect for simple messages and customer support, where less is more and the message is all that matters.