Email Accessibility Tips from the Pros

Do you want to improve the accessibility of your emails? Learn how to make your email program more inclusive with these tips from leading industry experts.

Accessibility matters. Whether your motivation is ethical, legal, or financial, the simple fact is having accessible emails ensures more people can consume your content.

We curated the most popular Litmus Live sessions around email accessibility to give you insights into how some of the world’s best email marketers make their emails accessible to all of their subscribers.

  • Learn the basics of email accessibility, including common mistakes and misconceptions
  • Learn how to persuade senior leaders in your organization of the value of email accessibility—and make the case to get the resources you need
  • Understand the power of ALT text for accessibility
  • Learn how to design emails for an aging population

Get access to 2.5h of exclusive video content—and walk away with actionable advice on how you can bring your email accessibility to the next level.

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