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Simplify email approvals and get campaigns to market faster with Litmus Proof

Eliminate the complicated, time-consuming process of reviewing and approving emails.

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With better visibility, improved collaboration, and a single, centralized tool for providing feedback, Litmus Proof enables fewer review cycles, faster production times, and more effective campaigns to drive business results.

Proof approval

Streamline the email approval process and speed up time to market.

Make it easy for stakeholders to clearly mark edits and suggestions directly on an email to reduce review cycles and get email campaigns out the door faster.

Proof collaboration

Improve collaboration and maximize team efficiency.

Increase efficiencies by sharing, consolidating, and resolving feedback in a single, centralized application with ease. Plus, get all stakeholders in the loop without the extra steps of reaching out on multiple channels with automated email notifications.

Proof groups

Increase email effectiveness with better visibility and control.

Maintain full control over the review and approval process. Assign reviewers and create designated groups to get the right people involved. Prevent unauthorized access to content with login requirements or choose to provide a public sharing link for easy, no-login viewing.

Proof multi screens

Multi-screen views

Your email campaign may display differently across desktop, mobile, and plain text views. Get feedback directly on each of these views to ensure that design and content is correct regardless of where your subscribers open your emails.

Proof check links

Check links for accuracy

Catch broken links before you send. Click links directly in the desktop, mobile, and plain text views to ensure all links are going to their intended destination to improve campaign results and success.

Proof vers control

Maintain version control

View and manage multiple versions of your email campaigns. Plus, see comments—including resolved comments—from all versions for a complete system of record for future reference.

Proof email notification

Automated email notifications

Reviewers get notified automatically when they’re added to an email campaign, or if they are mentioned in a comment to alert them to take action.


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