Salesforce Marketing Cloud Litmus Enterprise

Sign up for Litmus Enterprise to preview your email in 90+ popular email clients and devices directly within Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and start catching and fixing errors before you send. Plus, get access to the entire Litmus Enterprise platform, so you can start creating better email, faster.

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Create better email, faster

Achieve dramatic increases in productivity throughout the entire email creative process. Build and test on the email clients that matter most to your audience, and utilize reusable HTML and CSS code snippets and pre-tested templates to reduce errors and maintain brand consistency.

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Protect your brand experience

Never send another broken email. Identify critical elements that affect email performance, like campaign load time and incorrect links; create customized checklists; and utilize insights from 10+ years of best practices to save hours on QA.

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Reach the inbox

Don’t waste time creating campaigns that your subscribers never see. Quickly identify any potential issues preventing your email from being delivered and utilize actionable suggestions to make it to the inbox.

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Optimize for your audience

Start sending personalized emails at the right time to the right device. Get aggregate and individual-level recipient data, geolocation, and device open insights to improve segmentation and optimization efforts.

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Start creating better email today

Litmus powerful integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud is available to Litmus Enterprise customers only.

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Sign up for a free 7-day trial of Litmus Enterprise, and get immediate access to the platform. We’ll be in touch to find the best plan to fit your team’s need.

Litmus Enterprise

Includes a custom number of users and email previews to test your email right within Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and access to all powerful features of the Litmus platform:

  • Email Previews

    Get screenshots in popular email clients, including key international webmail clients, to ensure your emails look great everywhere.

  • Builder

    Build and preview your email in real-time, plus utilize reusable code snippets and templates to save time and reduce errors.

  • Checklist

    Get a guided check of the most critical elements that affect email performance, like campaign load time and broken links.

  • Spam Testing

    Quickly identify issues pre-send that could impact your deliverability—and get actionable advice for how to fix them.

  • Code Editor Integrations

    Preview and troubleshoot your emails right where you build with seamless integrations between Litmus and any local code editor, like Dreamweaver or Sublime.

  • ESP Integrations

    Save time producing and troubleshooting your campaigns with seamless integrations between Litmus and your email service provider (ESP).

  • Email Analytics

    Optimize your campaigns with subscriber-level insights to improve segmentation and targeting strategies.

  • Private Litmus Teams

    Get full team visibility. Manage Litmus access and monitor usage across private teams.

  • Litmus Proof

    Streamline email reviews and approvals. Improve collaboration and increase team efficiency.

  • Enterprise Security

    Utilize two-step verification, custom session lengths, and advanced password settings to further secure your account.

  • Custom Controls

    Create Custom Checklists and email testing requirements that align with your email production process to ensure error-free campaigns.

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