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Sending a really good email is really hard. Litmus makes it a whole lot easier.

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Just like how you wouldn't want to get on stage without your pants on (how embarrassing), Litmus makes sure that your emails look great before they are on stage in your subscribers' inbox.
Mike nelson
Mike Nelson
Co-Founder at Really Good Emails
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Make sure your emails look great in all email clients

Did you build a fabulous email, but your subscribers are telling you it looks funky in Outlook? With Litmus Email Previews, you can see how your emails will look across 90+ popular apps and devices in just seconds and ensure your email looks really good, no matter where your subscribers read them.

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Catch errors before you hit the send button

Remember the last time you (or your boss) caught an error in your email… after you sent it? Litmus helps you catch those broken links, wonky images, subject line errors, and more before you hit the send button. Say goodbye to pre-send jitters!

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Ensure your email follows key accessibility best practices

Looks aren’t everything. Hear how your email sounds on a screen reader and check if your HTML is optimized for subscribers with visual or cognitive impairments—and create emails that are accessible to everyone.

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Litmus will change your life.

That’s literally what Stefani said when she introduced Litmus to her coworkers. Hear how Litmus replaced her team’s tedious, manual email testing process—for faster, error-free campaign creation.

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Design and build beautiful emails that look great in every inbox


billed annually

  • 1 full User
  • Unlimited read-only users
  • 1,000 Email Previews in 90+ popular clients and devices
  • Quickly iterate designs with a built-in HTML Editor
  • Standardize quality assurance using a Checklist
  • Save time with productivity integrations
    Google Drive
    One Drive


Automate your testing to improve message delivery and effectiveness


billed annually

  • Everything in Basic, and:
  • 5 full Users
  • 2,000 Email Previews
  • Test where you build with code editor integrations
  • Reach the inbox with pre-send Spam Testing
  • Track data and get insights to improve performance
  • Eliminate manual steps with ESP integrations
    Campaign Monitor


Boost collaboration and gain insights to drive the best results at scale


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  • Everything in Plus, and:
  • Custom Users
  • Custom Email Previews
  • Boost collaboration and reduce review cycles with Proof
  • Manage access and customize resources with Subaccounts
  • Standardize tasks and templates for brand consistency
  • Improve marketing efforts with valuable insights from every campaign
  • Keep data secure with advanced security settings
  • Speed up production with integrations into Enterprise-grade ESPs
    Salesforce Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget)
    IBM Watson Campaign Automation (Silverpop)