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Commonly asked questions

Can I get another copy of my invoice?

Absolutely! To request an account statement, just send an email along with your account name to

Do you offer seed list testing or deliverability features?

Our spam filter testing uses a small seed list to provide pre-send feedback on the spam filters we support. However, our seed lists do not provide inbox placement or monitoring reports. For specialized deliverability and seed list testing, we parter with the best-in-class tools provided by 250ok. We're happy to make an introduction—just drop us a line at

Can we use your logo in the integration?

Absolutely! To download the Litmus logo and other brand assets, download our press kit.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes! Just click the blue ‘pay now’ button in your email invoice to pay with a credit card.

What happens if my users have issues?

You're welcome to utilize content from our help articles and blog posts for assistance with rendering issues and best practices. For assistance with failed screenshots, please email with the test ID, browser information, and any additional details so our team can troubleshoot.

Can I markup the cost of your services?

Most of our partners apply a margin to the cost of services to earn revenue on their integration. We're happy to discuss pricing strategy— get in touch and we'll work with you to determine the best approach to pricing and marketing your integration.

How do I manage users and subaccounts?

With an Unlimited account, you can create unlimited users and subaccounts! The Unlimited tab in your account will show your account's usage totals for the current billing period. You'll find a listing of your subaccounts, total number of active and read-only users, total number of previews and tracking codes created, and the volume of opens tracked for that month.

To add a new subaccount, click the 'Create New Account' button on the upper right side of the Unlimited tab. To add users, click the 'Edit' button associated with the desired subaccount on the Unlimited tab, then navigate to the 'Users' tab. Learn more.

How is my monthly bill calculated?

We automatically calculate how many total active users and Email Analytics opens have been used during each billing period. The Unlimited tab will display usage for the current billing period along with the total number of active unique users and Email Analytics volume.

You can also view usage for previous billing periods by selecting another billing period from the 'Showing Usage For' dropdown menu in your Unlimited tab. You can also find digital copies of all your previous receipts by navigating into the 'Account Settings' for your parent account and visiting the 'Billing' section.

What data is available in Email Analytics?

The reports in Email Analytics are a great way to learn more about how subscribers open, read, and interact with your emails. In addition to the visual reports and charts in your account, there are four CSV exports available.

Email client and engagement exports contain aggregate data, summarizing total opens and read rates for each email client tracked. Forwards and prints are captured in the 'recent activity' export. Individual-level data files detail one open per row, and may be very large files. You’ll see the time/date stamp for each open, the email address or unique ID passed in the merge tag, mail client, engagement, platform, geolocation, IP address and more!

Do I need an Email Analytics tracking code for every email I send?

Not necessarily. Strategies for how to collect and interpret Email Analytics data can vary quite a bit. Timing, segmentation, and volume should play a factor in how you use tracking codes and analyze your data.

It’s important to note that there is a 1:1 relationship between tracking codes and reports/exports in Litmus: if a single tracking code is used in more that one email, all of the data from each send will “roll up” into a single report in the Litmus interface, as well as their associated CSV exports.

Consider what you’d like to learn by using Email Analytics, and plan your tracking code usage accordingly.

Can I use Email Analytics without Personally Identifiable Information (PII)?

We know that some organizations have concerns about passing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to Litmus through Email Analytics. Passing PII to Litmus is not a requirement for using Email Analytics.

You can use a unique identifier, such as a customer number or subscriber key, instead of email address in Email Analytics. Choose an identifier that is meaningful to you, but meaningless to us. We only store the data that you pass to us through the use of a merge tag in conjunction with your ESP, along with the other standard data fields available in our CSV exports. Learn more.

Should I upload my email's HTML or send a test from my ESP?

We recommend sending a test or proof from your ESP to Litmus, especially in the final stages of QA right before a send. This way Litmus will see exactly what your subscribers see and provide the most accurate results. This also helps you preview any dynamic content or personalization, and allows you to run a comprehensive spam filter test.

You can also use your static test address to test in Litmus. Rather than logging into Litmus to start a new email test, you can kick off a test by just sending an email to your static address. Your static address can be found within the 'Settings' tab of your account under 'Static Test Address'. See more testing options.

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