The New, Redesigned Litmus

Streamline email production, improve campaign effectiveness, and share valuable insights, with the new, redesigned Litmus.

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With the new, redesigned Litmus, simplify your workflow, create more effective emails, and get valuable insights that can inform and improve the results of your other marketing channels.

Feature views

Build, test, review, and analyze in one seamless view

Rapidly build, test, review and analyze your email campaigns in one seamless view, streamlining your production process and increasing productivity.

Feature folders

Store and organize your emails in one central location

Storing and locating emails across email providers has never been easier with customizable folders and subfolders.

Feature status

Get full visibility into the status of email projects

View the status of every project in one centralized location, enabling you to quickly identify campaigns requiring additional attention and keep deliverables on schedule.

Feature tasks

Customize task lists to ensure consistency and quality.

Utilize task templates to standardize processes, maintain brand integrity, and get full visibility into progress.

Feature analytics

Analyze holistic email program performance

Aggregated reporting makes it easy to get insights to help optimize future email campaigns. Plus, identify trends across your entire email program that can inform the strategies of other marketing channels.

Feature spam

Improve message delivery and effectiveness

With Spam Testing now integrated into Checklist, automatically get a guided check of the critical elements that impact performance, including issues that may impact deliverability, before sending.


Major global brands across every industry and vertical trust Litmus

The new Litmus solution has streamlined our email creation, testing, and review process, eliminating the back and forth of hopping between tools and saving us approximately 2-3 hours per email. Plus, with the new folder system, it’s never been easier to organize and store our emails across our various ESPs in one central, easy-to-search spot.


Andrea Goreczky

Email Development Specialist, Topgolf

Collaboration is one of LinkedIn's core values, and the new Litmus solution makes it easy to keep all stakeholders in the loop throughout the entire email workflow. The ability to get feedback and quickly make any necessary edits in one seamless view enhances cross-channel communication and speeds up production time.


Andy Li

Digital Marketing Manager, Campaign Operations, LinkedIn

With so many email projects in flight simultaneously across all of our clients, every minute counts. The new Litmus solution has centralized our building, testing, and approval process both internally and with our clients, eliminating the back and forth between tools and significantly decreasing the overall campaign approval time.


Ellie Swanson

Project Coordinator, Perficient Digital

The new Litmus solution is a game changer. The ability to make changes to my code in Builder and then push those updates to Proof and Checklist with the click of a button has automated a previously manual and time-consuming process, saving us several minutes per email. Plus, the new task functionality has eliminated the need to use task management software and allowed our developers and QA team to stay in one tool throughout the entire email production process.


Cemal Richards

Software Engineer, eROI

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