• PaulFarnell
    CEO, Co-Founder

    After moving the company across the pond, Paul has come to love Boston and driving on the right side of the road. He can often be found anyplace with a good charcuterie plate.

  • MatthewBrindley
    CTO, Co-Founder

    Matt insists that all suitcases should have multidirectional wheels, and that no food contain onions.

  • DavidSmalley
    Managing Director, International & Co-Founder

    A Ruby developer by trade, he spends his free time with his growing family and vows one day to master the drums.

  • JamesHalliday
    Integrations Manager

    A psychology graduate that, like so many others, chose business over the therapy couch. A keen sports fan with a love for puns, one liners and good company.

  • BrendanCaffrey
    Engineering Director

    Brendan is a self described internet enthusiast. When not internetting he can be found training for another marathon, rooting on the NY Mets or just chasing after his son.

  • JustineJordan
    Marketing Director

    A lover of content, customers and cats, Justine is a recovering designer masquerading as a marketer. Some might say she's email-obsessed, but she'll take that as a compliment.

  • EddieCianci
    Engineering Director

    From Lowell, MA, Eddie loves writing software for the web with Ruby and contributing to open-source projects. Although he loves honey, he hates bees, and hopes someday to invest in synthetic honey research.

  • DianeHadaya
    Office Manager

    When she is not managing our office, Diane is directing a busy household with 3 hockey-playing children. Her solution to keeping things running smoothly: relying heavily on her iPhone and looking for the humor in everything.

  • LaurenSmith
    Content Marketing Manager

    Lauren is from Lowell but lacks the accent. She loves all things marketing and enjoys trying out new recipes and traveling.

  • EdGiardina
    Senior Developer

    Besides being Microsoft’s biggest fanboy, Ed spends his time playing pinball and riding bikes. He’s probably listening to music that you outgrew after high school.

  • TravisWilber

    Travis is the man behind the cinematic magic at Litmus. Behind the camera, he almost never takes off his Red Sox cap and can always be traced back to his big laugh.

  • AlanTippins
    Lead Designer

    Alan once swam the English Channel because he missed his flight. He is now planning on swimming across the Mediterranean Sea in hopes to set a new speed record.

  • JordanMacDonald
    Senior Developer

    Living in Sudbury, Ontario, Jordan is an avid Ruby developer and fan of open source software. If he's not coding, he's either playing an instrument, reading, or watching Sesame Street with his daughter.

  • KevinMandeville
    Content Designer

    Born and bred in MA, Kevin is a diehard Boston sports fan. He loves playing basketball and skimboarding. Few things satisfy him more than his beverage of choice: A&W cream soda.

  • DrewTempelmeyer
    Senior Developer

    Drew is a coffee connoisseur and artisanal code crafter. His favorite past time is dropping Volkswagens and making them say "pshh pshh".

  • JasonRodriguez
    Community Manager

    Jason has an unhealthy obsession with illustration and typography. Having already authored a book on email, he hopes to one day write a children's book.

  • DaveRostocil
    Senior Developer

    Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Dave enjoys following all Cleveland sports teams. In his free time, he also loves discovering new Boston-area restaurants and home brewing.

  • DavidMcFarlane

    David is a British transplant now living in Boston. In his free time, David loves to travel and has a passion for flying—he hopes to get his private license within the next year!

  • TaylorDavis
    Customer Support

    Taylor loves skiing and watching the Patriots. She’s also a huge fan of Game of Thrones, cheese, and watching (admittedly horrible) Bravo reality television.

  • JulieAndriolo
    VP of Finance

    When she’s not crunching numbers, Julie spends her time running around after her two young (and very active!) boys, Kevin and William, and also enjoys cooking.

  • KevinThompson
    Senior Developer

    Aside from web development, video games are Kevin's biggest hobby. He’s a lover of breakfast foods and claims to cook a mean French Toast and Minnie Mouse pancakes.

  • BrianFeucht
    Senior Developer

    When he’s not busy geeking out about how to build massively scalable applications, you can find Brian hitting the slopes–acting both as a ski instructor and student on Mt. Hood.

  • CarlosNeninger
    Senior Developer

    In his free time, Carlos enjoys reading, Stackoverflow-ing, and biking. You can also find him watching foreign films, jamming to classical music, or playing with his German Shepherd.

  • JoshThompson
    Customer Success Advocate

    If he’s not climbing, you can find Josh spending time with his wife, reading a book, or teaching rock climbing. He believes every day should begin with bacon and eggs.

  • MariaMalonzo
    Senior Staff Accountant

    Maria comes from a big family—she’s the youngest of seven! She is amazed by magic, easily humored by knock-knock jokes, and gets a thrill from exploring new places.

  • BertLamb
    Senior Developer

    Originally from Raleigh, NC, Bert now lives in Exeter, NH with his wife and two boys. He enjoys watching hockey, European coverage of MotoGP, and voiding warranties.

  • JuliaMac
    Accounting Manager

    Outside of work, Julia’s interests vary from reading (classics to fantasy) to watching the Patriots, to exploring new restaurants, activities, and cities.

  • JennFernandes
    Customer Success Manager

    Heavily caffeinated and always needing to be within eyeshot of a cup of joe, Jenn lives for coffee beverages, her two pet bunnies, and a good button-down cardigan. She also firmly believes that Lord of the Rings > Star Wars (yes, she went there).

  • BrianRogers
    Customer Success Director

    Brian is an entrepreneur at heart who loves nothing more than a good challenge to solve. He is also a data geek so you'll often find him up to his eyeballs in excel spreadsheets. When not working you'll often find Brian reading a good book or playing games with friends.

  • JustinUnton
    Support Engineer

    Justin is an avid indoorsman who is shocked at how awesome outdoor activities are once he does them. He loves making and listening to music. In his free time he's usually goofing around.

  • AdnanKhan
    Senior Designer

    Obsessed with design and solving problems, Adnan loves designing interfaces and artwork with childlike enthusiasm. Apart from design, he enjoys a good drive up the mountains, trying out a new restaurant, or checking out a good science fiction movie.

  • RahimPackir Saibo
    Senior Developer

    While he grew up on a farm, Rahim was more interested in tinkering with code, than baling hay. When he’s not geeking out over technology, Rahim’s passions lie in photography, tennis, piano, and searching for the perfect burger.

  • NadiaDroubi
    Customer Support Associate

    Nadia has passion for traveling—she’s been to Polynesia, Indonesia, Brazil, Myanmar, and more in the process! She currently speaks four languages—Spanish, French, Arabic, and English—and hopes to learn Portuguese, too.

  • SamHolton
    Senior Developer

    Originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee, Sam found himself in numerous major cities before finally settling down on the sunny coast of Ecuador. When he’s not writing code, you can usually find him at a blues show or playing air guitar to Iron Maiden in his living room.

  • Brindleybot
    Robot Overlord

    Joining us from Double Robotics, Brindleybot provides staff with the state of the art ability to sneak up on team members when they least expect it.

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