2017 State of Email Deliverability

A comprehensive look at how marketers build their email lists, keep them clean, and monitor their deliverability

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Email marketers can be successful in spite of deliverability problems, but why take the hard path? Make your life easier by avoiding the behaviors that lead to trouble in the first place.

After surveying more than 3,500 marketers, we’ve identified the practices that clearly lower email marketers’ risks of being blocked or blacklisted, as well as those that absolutely raise those risks—sometimes dramatically.

In our first annual State of Email Deliverability report, we look at the deliverability ramifications of marketers’:

  • Subscriber acquisition sources

  • Permission practices

  • Authentication

  • List-unsubscribe and encryption usage

  • Deliverability and list hygiene tools

  • Inactivity management

  • Deliverability monitoring and analytics

Use the results to benchmark your own acquisition, list hygiene, and deliverability practices, and to identify opportunities to improve your deliverability. Share this report’s findings with your company’s leadership to help advocate for more resources or changes in practices.

Now, let’s make our email deliverability better!