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Are you optimizing for mobile?

The typical email audience has changed drastically in recent years. Where once subscribers were chained to their desktops, today they are more likely to open email using mobile devices. In fact, as of March 2014, 48% of email campaign opens occurred on mobile devices.

Email design is undergoing a similar revolution. Savvy email marketers are now taking advantage of mobile optimized email and responsive email in their HTML email campaigns—and providing mobile subscribers with an unparalleled experience in the process. If your email designs aren’t doing the same, you’re effectively ignoring a growing portion of your audience.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of confusing information about mobile email design and responsive HTML email. That’s why we put together the Litmus Mobile Kit—a collection of resources to get you started with mobile optimized email. Whether it’s understanding how different devices and clients render your email or figuring out the anatomy of a perfect mobile email, our Mobile Kit is the first step in coming to terms with the new age of email design.

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