2016 State of Email Salaries & Jobs in the US

Trends + Factors that Correlate to Higher Paying Jobs

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Salary is just one of many factors that influence whether you consider a job a good one or not. However, it’s without a doubt an important consideration for most people, not only because everyone has bills to pay, but also because a fair salary is a sign of respect.

In the inaugural State of Email Salaries & Jobs in the US report, we take a look at:

  • Email marketing salaries overall

  • Salary by geographic region

  • Job openings by state

  • Salary by industry vertical

  • Salary by company size

  • Salary by role

  • Job openings by role

  • Salary by team size

  • Impact of agency & freelancer usage on salaries

  • Impact of sophistication on salaries

If you’re an executive or email marketer manager, use these results to make sure that you’re offering competitive salaries for your email positions. And if you’re an email marketer, use these results to gauge if you’re being paid well at your current job. You can also evaluate future job opportunities, because this report reveals the characteristics of companies that value email and thus value email marketers.