State Of Email Report

How does your email display?

From rendering quirks in Outlook 2016, to the debut of the Apple Watch, and Yahoo Mail now supporting media queries, get a detailed look at how your emails display in all the new and updated applications.

Apple launches new iOS 9 functionalities

With iOS 9, Apple introduced the peek and pop interactions with email. While peeks will count as opened emails, your engagement numbers could easily drop if subscribers are peeking—not actually reading—your emails. The State of Email Report details how to optimize your inbox view.

Email client market share

Over the course of 2015, mobile opens increased by 17% to now represent 55% of email opens. (iPhone leads with 33% of mobile opens, with Android at 10%.) Webmail opens decreased 13%, while desktop decreased 17%. Learn where you should focus your email design effort in 2016.

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