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2015 State of Email Report

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Email marketing is alive, well, and full of changes.

Between the introduction of anti-spam laws, new email apps, and bigger-than-ever iPhones, navigating those changes can be confusing, difficult, and at times, headache-inducing.

Email marketers and designers are left wondering how these changes might affect their emails. How will emails display in these new apps? Will metrics be affected? Will subscribers even see marketing messages in the inbox?

Our 2015 State of Email Report answers these questions and more—analyzing the biggest email innovations of the past year, illustrating their effect on marketers and designers, and providing you with a playbook for email marketing success throughout 2015.

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The email world is changing. Are your campaigns keeping up?

As marketers and designers, it’s our responsibility to stay on top of the latest updates and advances. After all, we understand the power of email—and that optimizing these messages can have a huge impact opens, clicks, conversions, and most importantly—our brand.

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