Email Marketing Staffing & Resourcing for Success

Under-resourced email programs are destined for mediocrity, while well-resourced email programs have a high chance of being successful, our research shows.

Is your email team staffed appropriately? How many of your peers are using agencies and freelancers? Which tools and processes make your team more effective?

Using data from Litmus’ State of Email Survey of 3,000 marketers worldwide, we help you answer those questions and provide data-driven insights into the staffing and resourcing levels of successful email teams. This executive summary will help you…

  • Determine the appropriate number of email marketing staffers to have at your business
  • Understand the prevalence of using an agency and freelancers among companies your size
  • Decide which tools and processes to add to your email program to improve its effectiveness

Download your copy to get full access to the insights that help you benchmark your resourcing levels, and make the case to invest in the people and tools that help pave the path to greater email marketing success.

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